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Posted in Babysitting on 7th March 2011

You Know It’s Going To Happen, But It Still Hurts When It Does?
My cousin was pregnant. She was told by the doctors many years ago that because of a childhood accident, she would probably never be able to have kids. She is 22 and got pregnant on accident and is not sure who the dad is. She was due today and had her baby girl a couple of hours ago.

My husband and I have been TTC our first child for 2 years now. I have a doctors appointment already set up to find out a cause. I was jealous and angry, but I never showed any of that emotion to her. I was always nice.

I knew that eventually she was going to have the baby and that the hurt would be there, but now that it is here, I have no idea what to do. I want to cry, I want to be happy, I want to smack people who say “Well you could just be really great friends with her and you could babysit…” I need some support.

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Answer by Spinywolf
No pain No gain

Answer by Kaci
I felt the same way every time I heard about a relative of mine getting pregnant, or getting some one pregnant on accident, knowing that I wanted a baby more than they did, so why didn’t I have one?

Honestly, I was on metformin for about six months and now I am pregnant.

If you are having trouble TTC, then talk to your doctor, work with him or her closely and try to pin down the reason you aren’t getting pregnant.

Make sure you eat right and excersize. Make sure your husband’s sperm count is right. Make sure you aren’t insulin resistant.

There are plenty of things you can be doing to facilitate getting pregnant, just keep in close contact with your doctor about it.

Good luck love!

Answer by Boredoutofmymind
It’s understandable to be jealous and angry. Try to be happy for her. One day you will have your own little angel, your cousin will be happy for you when that day comes.

Answer by GA Girl
I have always been told that if you don’t concentrate on trying to get pregnant, that is when it will happen. I understand how you feel because my cousin and I both were preg at the same time, I had a miscarrage and couldn’t bare going to the hospital when her baby was born. After you realize that you can help to take care of that child and bond with it in your own way, the jealousy and anger will disappear. Good things come to those who wait! And what you are feeling right now is completely normal. Don’t worry about it so much.

Answer by s f
You will have a child soon, dnt worry abt such emotions. just be strong and divert all these energies into finding a cause for this delay and turn in everything u got to find a solution with ur doc and in no time u will have a child of ur own. Patience and prayer will help! good luck.

Answer by Just Me
I’m so sorry. I know how you feel, honestly I do. My sister is pregnant by accident and my husband and I are TTC. I went through all the same emotions. I was jealous, angry, and frustrated. I hate to hear her complain about morning sickness ansd etc because at least she has been able to get pregnant.

The best advice I can give you is to continue to hide these feelings from her. Stay nice, its not her fault and she can’t be held responsible. Find a good shoulder to lean on, and vent your emotions to that trusted friend who will understand and empathize and not judge.

I think that these emotions are normal. We all get feelings like this when someone gets what we want and (at least for now) can’t have.

Keep your chin up, your time will come soon!!!! You made a wise decision by making an appointment with your doctor. Find a trusted friend to vent to! baby dust your way!

Answer by Pinkie
Hi – I know how you feel. I am ttc and the girl I work with is 20 weeks pregnant. I am happy for her but cant help feeling very jealous

Answer by hopefultobe
I’m going through the same thing and we’ve been trying for 2 and a half years and the doctors say nothing is wrong and I can’t get a fertility specialist to see me because I’m healthly and i guess I haven’t had any problems but I can’t get pregnant. So now my best friend is pregnant and it makes me sick, they got that way right after the back. I’m so sick of people to tell me my time will come or you have all theses babies around just enjoy them and it makes you want to pull your hair out so I just started trying harder and going to different doctors. My sister in law told me the best thing to do is just relax and not to think too much about it from month to month and if you have to pull back from everyone that has kids and its help tamed the baby fever a bit.

Answer by Maria
I think the best way to get off of that feelings is to cry alone…since i’ve been TTC 2 years ago, 2 cousins and 5 or 6 friends have got pregnant, one of them twice…i felt happy for all of them…but couldn’t avoid feeling so sad…it is painful going to baby showers and buying gifts when you wish you could have that happiness…and my husband couldn’t understand those feelings…so, cry, but don’t show those feelings to her…and once you’ve cried focus on your health because after going to the doctor you’re going to have that baby in no time!! I already set up an appointment too and I’m hopefull all is going to be o.k. for us…good luck!!!

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