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Posted in Child Care on 19th January 2011

You don’t care who your kids are around?
I am amused by people who pretend they don’t care who their ex is bringing around their kids, when the kids are with the ex.

I believe there can be a clear delineation between “caring” who your ex is seeing, versus simply just being in the know as to who is around your child.

I know if I were divorced, I sure as sh*t would want to know what kind of woman was around my kids!
But past that, not so much.

Why do some people pretend they don’t even want to know if their ex dates someone?
Don’t you think parents should just be aware of who is around their kids? Just the same as you want to know if your kids are hanging out with druggie hoodlums or something?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Rachel Won Kenobi
I think sometimes people use their kids as an excuse for their behavior resulting in jealousy from who their ex is dating.

Answer by Rebecca
I think that when there are children involved it is important.

Answer by Buck
Unfortunately Wrong priorities, in many of those situations, plays a key role. Once the divorce is final I have noticed that many begin to worry and focus more on themselves at finding “love” or a companion rather than put their childrens safty and well being 1st. Their are some people that will leave their children with anybody, family, friend, even a neighbor just to get alone time with their new fling. Some kids get the short end of the stick in some divorces whether the parents realize it or not!

Answer by mayrad
I think you should trust that your partner is not bringing your kids around the wrong people, at the end of the day they are their kids too. Its good to have a briefing or to know that they are around others but you should not dwell on or worry until they give u a reason too.

Good luck,

Answer by Marilyn
any decent mother would be concerned. what if the next woman is a druggie? or has dangerous men friends, walks around naked, uses filthy language, is an alcoholic, or steals money from the kids.
or is just plain mean to them, of course the bio mom and dad should make the kids their top priority.

Answer by Eh-Lee
I would hope that my ex cares about who HE brings around our kids.

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