HomeWorking MothersWould you spend Mother’s Day with a woman who disrespects you the rest of the year.?
Posted in Working Mothers on 9th February 2011

Would you spend Mother’s Day with a woman who disrespects you the rest of the year.?
My mother has been stealing, lying, and not aceepting my feelings nor disabilities. My father will acknowledge my not spending time with Mommie Dearest—as I called her, but not what she does to me. This woman, when working, wouldn’t find someone to help me get job training. I don’t learn at the same pace as everyone, but learn quickly alone. All she ever wanted was for me, her handicapped daughter, is to make her look like a woman helping her daughtert. Despite the many seizure I’ve had form June ’07 to now, i still cook better and sho it. Success is the way to relatiate.
That woman is narcisstic. I can’t stand that “She’s your only mother” crap. It works both ways because I’m her daughter. Any woman who spends 39 years doing the best she can’t to obilerate her kid’s self-respect, deserves no love.

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Answer by Maria
I think you should sit down with her and tell her this and anything else that is on your mind because if something would happen to one of you, you’d never know and you’d have to live with it. You don’t have to go down to her level (if she really is acting that way.) There are two sides to every story. Are you making a point to talk to her nicely or tell her you love her because as much as you don’t want to hear this she IS your only mother and you will realize this more when she’s gone and trust me you will be thinking a lot about it ALONE. Take a long hard look at yourself this Mother’s day and decide.

Answer by Doorknob
Yes- I would not let her make me a person like herself. I’d seek help at a Behavioral Health Center to learn how to handle my anger. I would try not to become a bitter person.

Answer by holly
Give her the flick honey she doesn’t deserve you.

Answer by Ben
The maverick, I am sorry, but… you may be right because in this world there are all sorts of aberrations, but please, understand me that I find too hard to believe a mother can be like yours. Are you sure that you are not exaggerating at least a little? Is she an alcoholic? Something must be the matter. Perhaps she needs professional help. If you are being accurate, I am sorry for you two.

Answer by Jeanne the Genius
My heart goes out to you. You are absolutely not required to spend the day with a dysfuntional mother who has done you harm. But you probable owe it to yourself to gain some clarity on your issues with your mother, given that you asked this question to begin with. You may have some feelings of confusion or guilt, which is not uncommon for people who have complicated relationships with dysfuntional parents.

Kudos to you for choosing an independent life. Find your peace about your situation and it will unblock you in myriad ways — you may also find a way to forgive, just for your own peace of mind. This still does not mean you have to spend time together — just because you gain clarity and evolve does not necessarily change your relationship if she is still unconscious about the way she relates to you.

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