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Posted in Babysitting on 9th June 2013

Would you ever consider having someone you “babysit”?
Were close to the same age, but she has a brother who is 5, that I usually watch. She is half black we hug and talk and sometime before like I’ve accidentally touched her butt and she seemed to like it, so I do it sometimes, and it does not say haha ​​dang guys I would never do that lol i play Best Answer (s):

answer by Phoebe
No, no.

Reply уσυиg αи ∂ яє ¢ к ℓ єѕѕ
the definiton of babysitting is not “to do with this person”

Reply ikidyounot
I’m sure her mother is not paying you to with her daughter. Be professional.

reply by Sheila
No, that’s just not right.

reply by Theresa Harkleroad
if the child (ren) to sleep then yes its fine

reply by miss disturbed fan!
Ewwww, no, just no

Reply I am soooo hot.
Um …. EW! You’re such a PEDO! LIKE That’s disgusting! The girl is FREAKING FIVE YEARS OLD! FUCK YOU Offf Pervy ASSS MOTHERR FUCKINGG CREEP!

reply by Emily
You do not mention the age here … but basically, if they be at home alone / watch her younger brother, not just old enough, then maybe you should not be so sein.Auch with her when her parents found out, they would probably out of a job you.

reply by Jordan
my name is Rupert ….

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