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Posted in Child Care on 16th August 2011

Would not a rat be a better emblem for Democ rats than a donkey?
They recently seem to prefer doing their dirty work at night out of sight. They pad their nest with the shreds of our Constitution while crapping on the wishes of Americans. What’s even worse they pretend they’re doing it for us while handing the bill to our children and grandchildren who will likely be still paying after the rats (and many of us) are dead! Their “health care” is making me sick.

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Answer by Samm

Answer by CapitalistOverlord
1. When did they tear up the constitution?

2. You realize the bill has no public option or single-payer, right?

3. You need to stop being such a reactionary.

Answer by trippsmith20
I prefer a cockroach. They slowly eat away.

Answer by somerandomdude
These days, hammer and sickle.

Answer by firewomen
I didn’t realize all Presidents gave the citizens everything they wanted or did not want. Help me remember which President gave citizens only what they wanted.*

Answer by Unka Dano
It should stay the mule. The mule is famous for effortlessly caring any extra weight of the slackers. Get it slacker?

Answer by Nabil
Rats are actually intelligent but donkeys are so stupid. I think they should stick to donkeys

Answer by Tashnin

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