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Posted in Child Care on 4th January 2011

Would it be permissible to tell Republicans who support the war to please send their children to war?
Each and every time I sees the “I Support The Troops” decal on a vehicle I always request they send their 20 year old children off to Iraq or Afghanistan to fight but the Republicans get that “I just ate a lemon look” on their face. They always say “I support the war as long as my children don’t have to serve”. Then they say “I want the democrats to serve because over all they are poor and need jobs and health care”.

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Answer by Mark D
It’s a free country with freedom of speech. You are allowed to say anything to them, and they are allowed to ignore you or give you dirty looks in response. As someone once said, the right to be heard does not automatically carry with it the right to be taken seriously.

Answer by tony_s1944
Yo, mother-fucker, my two sons were in the First Gulf War.
Where was your monkey ass, in Canada?

Answer by hubert
Exactly what I have been saying. They would sing a different song if they had to send their own offspring.
And yes I am talking about mostly rich white families.

Answer by Will
Bush didn’t. Double standard.

Answer by Mike
My dad is a Republican. I just joined the Marines. As a whole, Republican parents are far better at letting their kids join the military than their Democrat counterparts. My parents were fine with it; they said, “As long as it’s what you want to do.” The parents who were flipping out and telling their kids that they were being brainwashed were Democrats.

There are hypocrites in this world on both sides. But if you’re going to make generalizations like that, kindly shut the hell up. I live in Massachusetts; there is literally one other kid in my graduating class that joined the Marines with me out of 600 kids. I get dirty looks from parents when I talk to their kids in my Boy Scout troop. In comparison, you join the Marines in Texas and you’re applauded. People are proud when their kids join up.

That kind of snarky view that you have is ridiculous. So if you don’t have a kid fighting, you shouldn’t support the troops? Should those people who have the stickers supporting breast cancer research peel them off if they don’t have a relative with breast cancer?

Seriously, shut the hell up.

Answer by Diane W
Now where did you get that information??? Or is that just your feelings on the issue? There are many Republican, Independent and Conservatives in the military. Why do you think they didn’t count the
military votes from overseas in the 2000 election as an example. Personally I think all young men and women should serve, either after high school or college. This country would be a better place. The jails
would not be over crowded and young people would have a little more respect for this great country they live in.

Answer by LasVegasPasses.com
You could also ask that of the Democrat majority Congress who approved the military actions, you know. How many Senators have children in the military? I think it may be two.. but probably fewer. Your leaders tell you to do as they say, not as they do. ALL of them.. not just Republicans.

Pot calling the kettle what?

Only third parties came out & officially denounced these actions, but nobody seems to care about that. Just that their “right side of the wrong coin” is “righter”

Wake up America.. we are being screwed by both ends.

Answer by Ben
Do you honestly believe those are liberals fighting those wars?

The last four or five democrats who stared wars in the US, were people who had no sons that would be exposed to combat. Why would you point the finger at Republicans as being war mongers ?

Answer by Alex
You do realize that the people serving in the military didn’t have to. If they don’t want to be there than they shouldn’t sign up.

Answer by Nation Under Siege
Neo-con Zionists are not the same as True Conservatives.

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