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Posted in Working Mothers on 27th August 2011

Working Mom Jobs: Should Not Prevent Time with Family

Article by Cristina Concha

Working mom jobs are very difficult and inflexible nowadays. This is the opinion of Mary Ellen Tribby, a successful working mother, resource speaker, consultant and champion of women empowerment. She claims that working mom jobs make mothers commute or travel long distance just to get to the office and spend long hours at work. This robs them of quality time with their families just to support them. She encourages women to spend more time with their families, live the life they want and still earn more money. This she says can be possible with online business.Tribby has lately sponsored a free digital publishing webinar especially for women with working mom jobs. This webinar provides tips that will make them spend quality time with their loved ones at the same time earn a lot of money. It is her belief that women with working mom jobs do not have to set aside their health and their duties as wives and mothers just to have a profitable career. Tribby is the founder and chief executive officer of Working Moms Only, a website specifically designed for women with working mom jobs. She was Publisher and CEO of “Early to Rise” where she managed to heighten the sales from million to million in three months time. She was also President of Weiss Research where she raised earnings from million to million in a year. She was also head of publishing divisions of famous publications such as Forbes, Times Mirror Magazine and Crain’s New York Business.To increase the awareness of working mothers, Tribby partnered with Rich Schefren, the founder and CEO of Strategic Profits, which is a multi-million dollar information publisher. Both Schefren and Tribby are one in helping people who want to improve their lives by earning a good income. They both agree that their joint forces will allow them to help more people at the same time strengthen their business.Mary Ellen leads by example. While she has a thriving career, she is able to help many people and be a good wife and mother. She is a sought-after resource speaker and a philanthropist. She believes that having a family does not mean a woman cannot fulfill her dreams. She has seen that people can have their cake and eat it too. Mary Ellen is also generous with her time, especially with working mothers. She does not fail to offer help when one seeks for it. She wants women to emulate the kind of life she is living so that they too would enjoy what she is enjoying such as a happy family and a fruitful career. She believes that because of women’s strength, they can juggle a lot of things with their hands and still end up successful.Mary Ellen has served as an inspiration to many. She continues to find ways to be able to touch the lives of women because she herself has experienced the life of a working mother. She has made a lot of mothers realize that there is more to working mom jobs and that is to aim for more in order to livethe kind of life they have always wanted

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