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Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of cosmic search : Women who work on the search for children and complain at the same time ?
There was this question of why feminism is still relevant, was a response “relieve the double SHIF of its women to be responsible for the work and child care.” On Is this a valid complaint Best Answer:

response of Bluebeard’s wife
The whole idea was that feminists were thousands of years to change human history and women and men equal rights in matters of career and family by changing the gender roles. has in some ways it works and in other ways it has not. I do not think men ever wanted to be both a provider and nurturer, and I do not think women know that they do 2x the work would, if they were told that they would “have everything”. Now we live in a 2-income per household society, and most people simply do not have enough selection or complain.

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