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Posted in Working Mothers on 30th October 2010

question of Junie : Women were not taught “not to work”, but …?
Society expects wives and mothers not to work? Agree or disagree? Did not it always worked, some women in society? In the 50 years, but they were often single and poor. Was it that the work was seen as unfeminine, or worked as incompatible with marriage and seen especially parents? Are not these two different concepts? They say that what has changed as “feminine” to possibly include a job, they say, that has changed “good mothering” to any one Job.Wurden women, marriage and parenthood include rejected in favor of education and work, as nuns or individual teachers, seen as less feminine? By whom? What idea do you think was more difficult to change in society when you think that both women influenced decisions? Tracey, you make a good point. It is also true that the majority of the children of the family were raised in the last few million years. Some work can be physically present to maternal caregivers at the same time, has some not. I put on the idea that what was controversial non-working women, mothers choosing not to be physically present caregivers. You are free to agree or not, natürlich.Nun, everyone makes some great points, but no one really answered the question. So I will take up to a vote: Best Answer:

answer by Chico Infierno It
one way was to depend on women. A lovely on the belief that women are the property of the father or husband.

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