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Posted in Child Support on 15th August 2012

women how many of you spend child support money on yourself?
be honest
you see this is why marriage is such a dangerous thing
first of all i believe there should be no reason for child support i believe the mother n father should live in the same house raise the child together but if thats not the case do you feel its ok to spend the child support money on yourself? if not how do you feel about those who do
(this is why if i break up with my wife n she isnt working or is making less money than me either im gettin custody of the or ill just go to jail for not paying her child support) “cuz im personally gonna make sure the babie gets taken care of but she wont see a cent of it” im just as capable of buying for my child as she is
people should stop making assumptions i dont even have kids

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Answer by Annabee
my child’s father died when she was 2
I get social security each month which amounts to atleast TWICE what the average woman receives for child support.
& that money doesnt even cover half of my daughter’s monthly expenses, almost every additional dime I work for goes toward her needs.
there is no doubt in my mind that any mother caring for & raising her children is sacrificing everything she has; financially, emotionally, & physically.
& ps to all the fathers who think their child support payments are so exceptional: stop believing you’re doing anyone a huge favor to throw your kids some money every month. that doesnt even SCRATCH the surface of what it really takes to raise a human being.

Answer by Nadia T
i feel bad for your wife for being married to a jerk like you. why would you assume that most women spend child support money on themselves?

Answer by Jade196
I don’t have children. If I did, I wouldn’t do that.

Answer by Blue Eyed Christian Returns!
I don’t receive child support, as I am still married to the father of my children. We don’t believe in divorce, but it doesn’t matter anyway because we are happy.

But I don’t think that it’s okay for the mother to spend the child support money on herself. It should be used on clothes or school supplies or other needs the child has, or for groceries, or to pay bills that directly benefit the child (rent, hydro, water, etc.). The mom shouldn’t use any of it on herself. It isn’t called “mom support”, it’s child support. If she wants extra spending money she should find a way to earn it for herself.

Answer by winsome
I doubt very many of them do. The average child support payment is not that much at all, it’s usually not even enough to pay for groceries for the month. If the child is clothed and fed and housed, and all the other little incidentals are getting paid, rest assured that money is going toward the care of the child.

BTW, you said you will make sure your child is taken care of, but then you also said that if your wife gets custody you will go to jail rather than pay child support. So, how is that “making sure your kid is taken care of?” It’s actually the opposite; it’s child abandonment. Are you really that distrustful of your wife that you think she will neglect the child and use the money on herself? Why did you get married? I feel sorry for your family.

Answer by Run and Tell That.
I don’t have children nor do I plan on ever being one of those parents who receives child support because I don’t plan on marrying a guy I’m not extremely sure is a good guy and will stick around forever…obviously stuff happens though, and if I were to wind up receiving child support for a kid of mine, that money would go towards the child. The only way I could think to justify spending any of it on myself is if I like went out to dinner with the child and payed for the whole dinner from the same money source. But yeah, the money goes towards the child.

I have used scholarship money to buy clothes before, though. How terrible of me.

Answer by Spanx for Men!
That’s not how physical custody decisions are made.
You live in La-la Land.

Answer by Kerbear
If you split the house or rent payment in half, halved the electric, food, telephone,car payment, etc., it wouldn’t be as little as most child support payments are. There’s no comparison, so you must just be a dead beat dad trying to justify how you feel. This has been a quote by ex-husband, who never paid child support per say, but did split the cost of living and wish he had agreed differently.

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