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Posted in Child Support on 25th November 2011

Women don’t pay child support. True or not true?
A friend of mine just divorced his wife. He has sole custody of their 3 children and he filed for child support. Well, when his ex-wife found out he was doing this, she called him and cussed him out. Then in the next breath, she says “Women don’t pay child support”. How stupid is that to say? they’ve been seperated for a couple years and divorced for 2 months. In that time, the kids have lived with him and she’s done nothing to support them.

Best answer(s):

Answer by jolo1220
course they do if they don’t have the kids full time

Answer by live4logan
She is obviously spun. Children are yours for life and you are responsible for them. Eventually her wages will get garnished let’s see what she says then.

Answer by rottie110
Oh yes they do, which ever parent is the non custodial parent pays child support, there is no discretion between male or female, whom ever has custody gets child support.

Answer by Bonboo
Women do have to pay he might have to enforce it by the courts. to get her to pay or garnish her wages if she don’t

Answer by The Emperor of Ecstasy
my son’s ex is paying support….

Answer by graciegirl
well I willingly put up my son for adoption and i’m paying child support for the time he was in foster care so to answer your question…yes we do

Answer by Kitt
Yes, women do pay support and he should take her to court. He is supporting the children by himself and she is responsible to help pay for them. I wish him the best and am glad he is taking care of his kids. He sounds like a good guy!

Answer by ball_courtney
Women do pay child support. The non custodial parent is responsible for the children in this way. She has another thing coming if she thinks she can get out of it.

Answer by Kunkee
I know women who pay child support. Regularly and faithfully. The woman you describe is a (insert profanity here).

Answer by sweet granny 06
they do if the dad gets custody and the mother work’s

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