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Posted in Working Mothers on 30th December 2012

If women could choose you think slavery and segregation would have ended sooner?
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response from LighteningFast.

response from same girl
definitely. especially women who watch their children in other families sold or suffer at the hands of discrimination.

response from Bryan had
No. Even some men wanted to end slavery, but to not be successful.

response from Choc1
No, because these days the men wore the pants in the relationship. They would only selected that the man wanted, that they.

response of cell-Paris
no, they would all just men made sex slaves for themselves, which is kind of cool when you think about it

Reply by Afro – Samurai
Nope. White women only care for other white women, screw Blacks

response from sock it to me 🙂
No, because most white women and white men in this country, where dirt poor and not give a rats a * s about slaves.

Answer by Anonymous
The vote of women affected America. I want to believe that this is the. From a change Or things would accelerate. But slavery existed before we were born, so we were not there to say hey to agree to let us for a better future. If that were the case, ruled America. (We now usually what kept us before)

response from jeannette ♥ No
how women of slaves also benefits. Even white women would not want segregation because blacks were lower than them, so when it ended, and blacks and whites were equal, then white woman would. At the lower end of the chain with black women

response from hettitiern No
most ppl do not own slaves and did not care.

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