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Posted in Babysitting on 8th December 2010

With Yahoo Groups is it the MODERATOR’s responsibility to unsubscribe an unhappy member?
I recieved a very harsh phone call from a member of one of my groups concerning a comment I made to said member about unsubscribing from my group via email. They asked me to unsub them and I told them they could do it themself. I don’t “babysit” my members. They signed up themselves and they can remove themselves unless it’s against Yahoo’s TOS then someone needs to tell me. Thanks.

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Answer by moekittykitty
What you did is not against Y’s TOS. And no, it’s not necessarily the moderator’s responsibility to unsub a member. However, it only takes a minute to post a short message on your group about how to unsubscribe so I don’t understand your resistance to do so. A drop of kindness goes a long way.

Answer by Spookhunter
Nope not at all. You are a moderator – you are the person who ‘runs’ the group. Usually this involves removing posts that are not suitable etc.
Every email they get from your group has ‘unsubscribe’ options at the foot of the email. If they want to remove themselves from the group they can do so themselves quite easily by visiting that link.
You should do what I do in my EverQuest guild (basically a group) and I remove ANYONE that causes drama instantly. I’m not sure how the person got your phone number but remove them also.

Keep your group on topic and nothing will go wrong. Issue a ‘zero’ drama policy. Its enough to deal with idiots in life, let alone on a website. Enjoy the group and dont let idiots ruin it for you – just remove them and ban them.

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