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Posted in Child Support on 10th July 2012

Willl I get screwed over for Child Support?
Hey I am in a predicament here.

So my ex gf is pregnant with my child and we do not intend to get back together.

I have been working a contracting engineer positions where I work about 50 hours a week, and need too. This position runs until a litlte after the child is born. If I work 50 hours a week my income will be around 90,000 for this past year. HOWEVER, it will quickly drop to around 67-70K when I secure the full time position. The reason why I make so much as a contractor is because it is a temporary job without benefits, and the understanding is that you get paid more because of this. HOWEVER, I feel like when the child support is calculated they are going to see it as “this kid makes 90,000 a year, he needs to pay ALOT more in child support”. She makes around 75K a year, but has 150,000 in student loan debt – her payments are around 1500 a month for student loans so I think that fact brings down the amount she woudl contribute to child support WAY down and puts most of the burden on me.

Im nervous, nervous that I am going to get a child support ordered payment of around 2,000-3000 dollars a month. 2,000 I can handle and live decently well, but will not be able to purchase a house. 3000 dollars I could not handle.
Do you think Ia m going to have to owe more than 2,000 a month?

I mean come on. 2000 a month plus what she contributes would be MORE than enough to support a child.

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Answer by Drew
You’re male. So, yes.

Answer by Katie
Bet next time you hook up with a girl, you’ll make sure to be safe.

Answer by ☆**•¸Mom Expecting #2¸•**☆
You will be in trouble. They look into your taxes and claims over the past year – not what you ‘will’ be going down to. It will be based off of $ 90,000 and unfortunately their is no way around it. You can get the judgment then re-file another court date for them to reissue the payments at the lower rate but if I am correct you will need to be at making the lesser amount for 6 months for them to consider lowering it.. your looking at a good 6 months of payments at the very least based off of $ 90,000. Now what you can do is try to avoid court all together.. you can try to get along with her and have her lawyer meet with your lawyer called mediation and see if you can work out the custody and child support without going to court and that may be alot more fair to you.

Answer by TreyMacG
Child support depends on what state you live in and there is a set amount per child.

Answer by beckieboo
go 2 the child support web site in your area, or go 2 this web site www.childsup.ca.gov/calculator and it will help u know what u will have 2 pay for sure. then when your income goes back down u can ask for a motion in court for a decrease in support due 2 your income going down…

Answer by celticbuddha
When it comes to child support, they take in a LOT of factors. What you make vs. what she makes. Both of your asset vs debt ratio. The median cost of living in the area both of you live in. Do note that when they look at your income, they take in account your income history, and potential future income. So the facts that you have mentioned in regards to what you will make now vs what you will potentially make after your temporary job is over. . . that will all be accounted for before the child support is factored.

Answer by Been There
The Courts do not care about your money or her money. Nor do they really care about other financial obligations beyond the child. They care about both parents contributing to the well-being of the child.

You and this woman created a child together. No one forced you two to do it. You are both responsible for the child, to the proportion of your income. You may have to wait until after your child is done their schooling before you can afford a house. You would be much better off if you and she could find a way to make it work together as a couple.

If you are concerned about your drop in income shortly after the child’s birth, talk to a lawyer and find out how long it will take to adjust your child maintenance once your income has dropped. Set aside some extra money to “pad out” those payments for those months.

Hey … I make $ 50,000 a year, am in the 45% tax bracket, and the average cost of a single-family home where I live is $ 375,000. I own a home. What’s your problem? After you pay child support, you should be fine.

Should’ve used a condom, I guess. Parenthood is one of the few things one cannot undo in life … that and death.

Answer by TiltMe2Day
It’s a calculation based on income. Usually they will look at 2-3 years of income and average it – so you should ask them to do that for you. They go on your gross pay (for both parties) so your debts are not included in the calculation…

Answer by Gary B
When you get a full-time position, petition the court for a reduction in child support. Have your pay stubs ready to PROVE that you are no longer in the 90K bracket.

One of the underlying ideas of child support is to provide THE CHILD with the same level of living that they had IF YOU WERE STILL MARRIED. The judge does not want to punish the child because the parents are immature, stupid, and can’t act like adults and work things out for the benefit of the child. So BOTH your income and her income are used to figure how much it takes to raise a child.

If you were still married, your drop in income would ALSO be reflected in the amount needed to raise the child. So, go BACK to the court, and petition for a REDUCTION in child support based on a reduction in income. You reasons are valid. Contractors often DO make more than full-time employees, and a reduction when going from contract to full time is expected. the SAME THING would happen if you were married.

So long as you are completely honest and above board, most courts will grant the request easily.

No, YOU won’t be able to purchase a house, because you need TWO incomes to do that, and you are shooting yourself in the foot by NOT getting married. if you were married you would have two incomes, ANd that $ 2000 you pay for child support would go into YOUR pocket, as part of caring for a child is to be able to provide for proper housing for the child AND YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE.

That is your choice to make, but what ever the choice , accept the consequences.

Answer by ?
Get a lawyer, perhaps you can can argue for an average over the last three years.

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