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Posted in Child Care on 3rd February 2011

Will you READ the “school” speech Monday before you condemn it or will you condemn it out of hand?
I swear people get their panties in a wad over so little these days. I heard a woman on the local news say, after a local town hall about health care, “Several of the people who wrote this bill are known communists. I just don’t think people like this should even be writing bills for this country.” Talk about condemning something one knows nothing about. I wonder if she knew that the clause that has been condemned for promoting “death panels” was inserted by a Republican. In any case, that’s rather not what I was asking.

So will you read the Obama speech to public school children when it is posted? I’m really asking “will you read the speech when it is posted?” If you do not plan to read it, but think it is “bad,” how did you arrive at that conclusion?
George Herbert Walker Bush and Ronald Reagan delivered similar “welcome back to school” speeches.
How is urging children to study hard and graduate a “bad” thing?
Peace through binding – bipartisan means that more than one party has worked on a bit of legislation. According to factcheck.org, the “euthanasia claim” was made in a variety of forums, but most prominently on a radio talk show with Fred Thompson interviewing a luitenant governor. The fact checking website said this: “The original author of this part of the legislation responded to Boehner’s and McCotter’s statement on the House floor, saying that “nothing could be further from the truth.” The section under question was based on a stand-alone piece of legislation sponsored by Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Republican Rep. Charles Boustany of Louisiana. Three more Democrats and another Republican cosponsored the legislation. On July 24, Blumenauer expressed his “disappointment” in Boehner’s misinterpretation of the bipartisan bill:”
from http://www.startribune.com/politics/57109857.html?page=2&c=y:
In Bloomington, every caller who’s expressed concerns over the speech has “cited misinformation gleaned from a blog or website that is disseminating anti-Obama rhetoric,” said district spokesman Rick Kaufman. “We’ve been told very clearly that this isn’t going to be a policy or a stump speech.”

In other words, the majority who are apposed to the speech have no idea what the speech is about. The question remains: do you inform yourself before you take a stand?
link to ACTUAL SPEECH as posted by associated press on a major city newspaper web site:
According to the Dallas News website, sorry I don’t have a link handy, the line that is drawing all the fire was ONE line in ONE of several lesson plans for children K-6. The original was to have the student write a letter to him- or her-self about how that student could “help the president” when the president was asking students to do their best and stay in school. The line in the lesson plan was revised to ask the student to write a letter to him- or herself about how that student would “meet long and short term educational goals.” Personally, I think my 6th grader would understand the phrasing of the second, but when he was a kindergartener, 1st or even 2ns grader, long and short term educational goals really didn’t mean much to him. Why NOT word the instructions appropriately for the age of the student?

And, still have you READ the speech, or do you still condemn it simply because it is Obama delivering it?
So the concensus here in the first six answers is “condemn the speech without reading it.”

Question wasn’t really to Karen S and none of the other answers are doing it for me. Picking best is going to be difficult.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Barack Behind Bars
Van Jones is a known communist you madman. He said white people are responsible for polluting black neighborhoods on purpose and that the government blew up the towers on 9-11.

Answer by leo lion
i condemn it because of events in the last 7 months. and if one knows nothing about health care how do you know a repub wrote anything

Answer by shnizep
Obama did state, “Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.”. I will condemn any speech by someone who is being advised by self-avowed communists, Marxists and radicals.

Answer by legal doesn’t make it right.
Well, for one I don’t need an idiot telling my children what to think. I’ll tell MY children what I want them to know and I’ll let them decide how they want to think and what they want to think about certain things. It’s not up to Obama to tell MY children what to think and how to think. Everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth is pure bullsh!t. It’s up to the parents on if they want their children listening to this idiot and he doesn’t own my children. He didn’t have them and he doesn’t care for them. He only wants them to grow up to be good little followers of whatever the government wants and good little communists.

Answer by Lightning Spiral
Would you be saying the same thing if George W. Bush wanted to do the same thing in 2004?

Answer by Peace through blinding force
I wonder why you don’t know that House rules forbid ANY Republican writing ANY piece of ANY legislation?
The ONLY bill that’s seen light of day is a HOUSE bill. There are said to be several Senate bills and another House bill or two but literally NO ONE claimed to have seen any of them.
ONLY HR 3200 has actually been seen. It was written with NO Republican input whatsoever by a coalition of legislators, most of whom have identified THEMSELVES as communists.

Honest people assume the speech GIVEN will be different from the one originally planned since there’s been a backlash against the ALREADY PUBLISHED material. Honest people also realize people like you will pretend you don’t believe the “how can we serve Obama?” lessons ever existed and will call School professionals who already received the lesson plans “liars” when they tell you what’s in them.

Answer by karen star
A lady on OUR local news was in tears of frustration before the speech saying, “I just can’t think of my children trapped and listening to that…that…that….man.”

Most of the Republicans who condemned it before they read it have backed off. Newt Gingrich and Laura Bush came out in support of the message, saying it was an appropriate message of self-reliance and responsibility.

A problem main-stream Republicans face now is that they made this innocuous back to school “do your best” speech an issue. It should not have been.

I agree that one line of the original lesson plan menu for one grade subset was poorly worded, but to conclude that this speech is somehow out of line is just ludicrous. Did those who condemn it not understand that the teacher could pick and choose from the menu, and if she chose not to use that part of the lesson, then that was all there was to it?

I read it on Monday, but my son’s school here in west Texas did not show it, since it coincided with lunch. I will have him watch it here at home when we have a chance – probably this weekend. To be fair, though, I never thought it was going to be what the lunatic fringe far right or the leap-before-you-look foot-in-mouth crowds were painting it to be, so the question isn’t really directed to me.

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