HomeChild Supportwill i get my half of the stimulus check if my husband owe’s like 1,700 in back child support?
Posted in Child Support on 22nd January 2011

will i get my half of the stimulus check if my husband owe’s like 1,700 in back child support?
How long will that delay the process of me getting my half?….They just can’t take all of it, right? Since i have nothing to do with “child support.”

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Answer by tallerfella
If you filed jointly, the check goes to the child support………..Sorry

Answer by daljack
If you owe the government any money for anything you will not get a check.

Answer by Problem Child
If you filed jointly, its a joint check. His problems are your problems. You don’t own “half” the check, you both own the whole thing. All your income is added together so the check goes to you as a couple. If he owes child support and they know it, the will take the entire check. There is no provision in the law for you to get half.
Same principal if you have a joint credit card account. If one of you fails to pay, the other is responsible for the entire thing, not half.

Answer by snjas1
You MUST file the injured spouse form 8379. If you do not, then yes the IRS will and can take all of the rebate check to send to his child support. If you did file this form then you will get your part returned to you. It takes approx. 4-12 weeks for them to process the 8379 form, and then you will get a letter stating that thier finished with it, how much is going to you & how much to child support. You’ll get your check about a week after that letter. Again, if you did not use this form, you may or may not get anything depending on what his back balance is & what the total rebate amount is. You can attach this form to your tax return when you file, or you can send it in all by itself up to 3 months after your filed your tax return. One more time, without this form, they will think that you don’t care about your share, and will send it to his back support if necessary.

Answer by ★★★ Katharine ♥♥♥♥
For taxes this last year – did you file an injured spouse form – if yes, they will take that into consideration for the stimulus, and give you your share..

If the answer is NO: you did not file that form – expect the whole refund to go to the child support office…

next year, file the injured spouse form for taxes – so you get your share..and c.s office doesn’t take it.

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