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Posted in Child Care on 5th November 2010

question of Wiseman : Why are the women on this sight so sensitive
I could ask a question about their favorite car, “He tries to figure out what I’m going for a car so he can stalk me is” I could ask a woman her opinion of prostitution “nasty !…. he spends his money on prostitutes, “I could ask a woman about child support” Creepy he is a pedophile! “I could ask a woman her opinion on financial questions,” oh! … He is one to steal from us! “I could ask , a woman her opinion of voyeurs, “Oh .. he is a peeping” Loosen Up !….. I like to ask questions and opening up to me all races and cultures Geschlechtern.Niemand no one really knows why judges in this way? @ Chris S If you or someone else is too young to answer this question, then they should be on a different verschieben.Als child tries to answer an adult problem, not my problem. … A @ If you do not for the question, why waste your time answering care you do not say, interested in the question Best Answer:

reply dontihaveagoodusername lost
. Like, really. Do not complain about it.

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