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Posted in Child Care on 17th December 2010

Why will Abortion be covered by ObamaCare when Pregnancy isn’t a disease, injury or sickness?
I think Condoms, birth control and voluntary sterilization can be called “preventive care” Now… if you ignore all three and go have unprotected sex anyway then wait 5 months to decide you’re not ready isn’t that “Negligence on the part of the Patient”. Why should the taxpayer pay 400 bucks to hack up your child into pieces? Shouldn’t the mother be responsible for that? My body, my choice right? When did it become “My body, your money” ?

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Answer by Caribou “QUIT” Barbie™
It’s not.

Please stop the lies.

Answer by Sadcat
Since abortion won’t be covered by the federal health care program, I can’t answer.

Answer by FlyOnTheWall
Abortion is not covered by government health insurance. Has your head been on vacation for a while?

Answer by feed your head
Abortion isn’t covered under the new law, but if it were, it would be cheaper than prenatal care, child care, welfare, and prison.

Answer by James

Answer by consrgreat
Because killing unborn CHILDREN is ok with the liberals….Libs ….STOP the lies….abortion may not be “paid for with federal money”…but for a FEW cents of your “own” you can add it to your police…and guess where the “few” cents is really coming from…..the TAX incentive….so in REALITY…an unknown concept to libs ….we ARE paying for it…

Answer by Mike
It isn’t covered. Abortion is not covered by any federal funding. You can’t find one piece of legislation that cites your claim.

Answer by Kyle
There will be no federal dollars to be used for funding abortions.

Answer by Lola
It became that way when Obamascare passed. Sadly there are those who don’t see anything wrong with stealing my money to pay a butcher to slaughter a baby. I think anyone who gets an abortion should be sterilized anyhow. They’re obviously too stupid to be breeding.

Answer by Tyler
It’s not covered by Obamacare. Check your facts first!! And by the way, in some cases, it could be an “injury” when someone has been raped.

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