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Posted in Child Support on 28th November 2012

Why was finding the Maddie fund made in a private company?
Who suggested this rather than a charity Best Answer (s):

response from weemaryanne again
The more I hear about this case, the more I get confused. This is no ordinary child abduction. Poor child

response from kezwalk
The fund could not be a charity because it benefits a child -. Charities have a broader scope haben.Da however benefited the broad spectrum of all the McCann family – it may now be entitled – not

reply by lauren l
I do not know about these questoin

response from Emily Hobhouse
I think I am right in saying that Gerry got advice. by one of his friends, who was with them in Portugal

Reply Well, you could say that ……
The fund appears to have been set up and as a limited liability company and not as charity, because it was concerned with the single, very specific, and (rightly) narrowly-focused edition notice looking for a single person For this reason it is not able to satisfy the requirements of the Charity Commission for registration as a charity because there is no element of service, help, assistance or the broad Öffentlichkeit.Daher the fund was quite right as a limited liability company, as the Charity Commission lays down the rules, and not because of any sinister or devious intent on the part of the McCanns, as some people so keen are out sind.Allerdings many people are increasingly concerned (or mischievous pot-stirring) if Kate and Gerry personal and domestic ‘living’ fall in the funds of the task, as in the recent furore over their mortgage payments. The simple fact is that the fund “Mission Statement” is formulated so that it practically does not allow for personal use of the fund, where this is possible to show “support” for Kate and Gerry during the ongoing search for their missing child, and the only control on this is received by the directors and trustees whose relationship is probably a little selfish, incestuous and perhaps a little too close to home.

reply by DAVID H
Do you remember the case of Louise Woodward, the British au pair who was accused of murdering infant Matthew Eappen? Her parents set up a registered charity and ended justify how every penny was spent. With embarrassing consequences when it was revealed how much was paid in cost of living The McCanns’ advisers had a better idea: a structure of a limited liability company in this way money can be used in virtually any way the directors (all family members, friends and colleagues) think appropriate ….. including the financing of the lifestyle! accustomed wealthy couple are spent., I doubt whether many of the people who have contributed to the fund have no idea that £ 300,000 would (allegedly) at the end had spent on “expenses”.

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