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Why the PTA at my sons school?
I feel very intimidated by the other parents and some of the staff at my sons elementary school. He is in the 2nd Class this year, and I read the flyer, an invitation to join the PTA for ten dollars per year. I do not think I fit in with them … but I wonder if I could learn from the experience. I do not have much money and I’m not happy to get caught up in drama or competative mixing. Should I chance humbled by my lack of social status? What do I have to offer in the PTA Best Answer (s):

Answer given by Mrs M
PTA is very important .. Yes combine .. You will not only learn what is going on in your child’s school, but you can help decide that things will affect your child .. It is also a good time to make new freinds and meet the teachers and the principal .. Also it’s not about you … sorry … But what about your child and his school must

Reply SFDHSBudget offer
I think the question should be, what does the PTA offer me? The whole point of the organization is to connect parents with their child’s school and teachers. Once you get past the awkwardness of the first session or two, the PTA could offer you the opportunity to have your son to improve the training. I think it is worth a visit. If it turns out to be some country club soap opera, you can always stop, who lost to the meetings and you have just $ 10th But when the meetings are useful, it can give you more of a voice in your son’s education.

Reply neniaf
you have a right to deduct in your own child’s education, regardless of your income or social status. It sounds like you are very confident, but you know, the fact that you will be well received by others that you bring a different perspective to the table. As a teacher, I learn more and more of the students and their families who are different from me in some way (income, nationality, etc.) than by those who on everything the same way I look. I also think that if you stay with him for a while and actually get to know these people, you will find that they are not as perfect as they appear on the surface and you might have more in common with you than you think . And if they try to humiliate you do, realize that there is no shame about the lack of social status – if they are the ones who are ashamed for being rude

Reply midlandsharon <. br /> Your $ 10 will help to support your son’s school. The PTA is often responsible for things like field trips and purchase financing Spielgeräte.Beitritt you are not required to attend the meetings. However, it is only by them in school (PTA’s only one way to do this) involved that you can keep informed of what is happening in the school and be on top of all the issues you need to deal with at home. There it was, the child (not the school) to educate the responsibility of the parents, it is important that all parents get involved in their child’s school. The school can only do its job to help parents when parents help them.

totally get Reply inspiredbyme
I personally where you come from. For many parents, they just pay the $ 10, but not really with things (so they avoid the drama and competition, as well as feeling out of place) involved. For low income, ESL, and ethnic minority parents PTA can be very intimidating. Not accession is not a sign you do not care about your child – it’s more a sign of how well you feel you fit into this culture. It’s okay, would prefer to fühlen.Ich as you take a personal interest in your child’s class if the staff is not intimidating in this room. You see, pays any involvement in your child’s education dividends in performance. However, what you pursue participation up to you. Could you buy your child a book for $ 10 instead? Could you, the parent who will help sometimes comes with science projects? Could you voluntarily type books and stories that the children have written to help? Could you voluntarily provide hand soap, if the classroom does not (it is traditionally an uncovered costs)? Just food for thought – $ 10 is a short demonstration of the “I care”, but it does nothing to help you help your child, the kind where I thought your question is coming from. Best of luck!

Reply by moosa
PTA The name itself shows that it is an association of parents and teachers. As we all know, children are at school for about 5-6 hours, the remaining time they have together with family members. The behavior of children is different in school and at home so when teachers and parents sit together and exchange views on how to promote learning is child benefit. But like you said, if it humuliation opportunities are not how you feel this applies to all non-appectance exchange of views, it is better to meet the teachers at your leisure.

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