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Posted in Child Support on 20th December 2012

Why should child support and visitation rights as separate units?
How does a non-custodial parent will be allowed by law to retrospectively in child support for 3 months, but I believe that the custodial parent may not prohibit visitation rights for any amount of time? Is it just the custodial parent incurred late fees, etc. .. while support goes unpaid? Guardian parents need to standing to the government about this: it’s a joke. No one can survive without money, so I say: visitation and child support AND YOU SHOULD go hand in hand. Does anyone agree? Let me add custodial parent rarely sees the child, but wants to see if the child is verbally abusive to custodial parents, demanding to see the child on his schedule. Has also hurt and instead given a court-ordered visitation schedule. Never follows the visitation schedule was established. I totally agree that parents need to spend time with their children. But if they do not, and they manipulate the system constantly and become the custodial parent only if it (look for a selfish event good to her family) want the child abuse. That’s what brings me Best Answer (s):.

response from Borat_from_Kazakhstan_aka_Ted
Both are separate entities, as a depot covers and includes support. One must not depend on the other – both are mutually exclusive. The courts are Band-Aids and nothing more.

response from Vadalia
No, I do not think they go hand-in-hand. What happens if a person is required to pay child support, but may not visit their child. Group you would not have to pay them when they see the child konnte.Allerdings, if you mean what kind of provisions to prevent the non-paying person, their children, as to injure the child. See

response from open4one would be seen
They are separated because while the custodial parent may tend to interfere with inspection, is the support for the Kind.Es is quite possible that a non-custodial parent’s rights violated by a vindictive ex who is wrong and may behave in a criminal manner, but that is not the fault of the child.

response from glovzz
best interests of the child should be the first thing to be considered. Sorry for what you are going through with deadbeat dad, but I can not agree. It’s out with the dad that. Important for your child Only himself in his / her shoes.

response from BETHY * ~ ~ *
I agree with most cases! If they are not mature enough to support to be paid, then they probably are not mature enough to help lift them all! There are some circumstances that I can understand. But if they do not try to find a job or keep quiting jobs, then they should not visit! Helping buy food and clothing is part of a child’s education, not just stay up all night in her house. And if they do not have the money to pay support then as they are fed while they are visiting? I’ve known a lot of men and even some women who could care less about paying support and their children are the ones who have suffered! Not only are they without the things they need or could have, but they also see the parents with them under a lot of stress and distress! It’s not fair to the children or parents who are them! I wish people would grow up and take responsibility for things!

response from auntynoall makes
The fact that a parent is a loser not less parents. Had the family unit stayed together and blasted ass broke then father would have to be a father. Do not use your child as a weapon. This arguement between the two adults, not children. It is unfair to them for some one elses fault to bestrafen.Und They both made mistakes that contributed to the situation I’m sure.

reply by Lissa
No, I do not agree. They should be treated separately. I was a single mom for 4 years and my kids’ father paid $ 5.00 (yes $ 5.00) in 4 years alimony. However, the children still love their father, and it would hurt just to keep them from her father, just because he does not pay support.

response from Anna M
I’m in a little situation. Father of the child is seen for 2 years without contact or inquiry, his daughter disappeared. Today he shows in my work in disguise hood and goggles? I custodial parent are due to his feelings Abwesenheit.Meine that if a “parent / father / mother” instead of an interest in their child, why create such an absence? Act says that for a period of one year, that the parent company has “abandoned” the child. And why allow parents to see the right, or visit the child? After this time, the child does not remember, nor feels any level of love and safety with the stranger’s face. The lack of continuous contact, the bond between child / child and the absent parent erschöpft.Einfach a sum of money to the mother / father for the sake of “child support” should not give parents the right to the child besuchen.Der comfort, ease and knowledge of an otherwise stranger should, on behalf of the child into account werden.Ich believe that when an absent parent is void of contact, but pays child support wants to see their child, it should not be allowed on the child safty act . While the law may say that the lack of child support a parent goes right to see their child? I beg to differ, I say that if a parent loves their child is unreasonable then the child Abandone. And only pay some amount of money does not give you the right to be in this childs life! Custodial parents are there to comfort the child when they cry at night, get a boo-boo, have dinner, sick, scared or feel Damage pay medical bills, do birthday party and are there to Princess Fiona and Shrek erklären.Wo is the “absent” parent? The absence of “moment” does not negate parental commitment and involvement.

response from cwp
I’ve just been through a situation that was very close to you. I learned a very valuable lesson. It’s not about you. Support due to bitterness and child sued my ex-husband (who is and always has been the non-custodial parent) for the full custody of me. After 18 months of care and legal and court costs, I won. When everything began, I had a child support increase (the first since our divorce 6 years ago) for lunch money and how to cover gefragt.Child support was the big focus. When everything is finished (as my lawyer to read me, the verdict on the phone), I cared nothing about the child support, I only care that my kids stayed with me. I understand that money is important, but where concerns child support, you can not depend so not. Get a second job or whatever you have to do. You have to depend a child if he cant can be. But you never have to keep your child from this man. This man is going to ruin the child. If you do, you will be at a later date by the very child you hoped taken to protect evil. I mean this with all the compassion in the world, I know what you’re going through, but swallow your pride and anger and more time to enjoy life. He sounds like a man who will sooner or later disinterested and move on.

response from mshellrosie Actually, I’ve been through this
gone before. (And continue to do so). I am the custodial parent. My ex-husband is a non-custodial visit with (supervised only). He has not paid his child support for 4 years and had not seen his child in that time. Suddenly he plunged require that he be given his visitation rights. I called my lawyer and you know that you’re telling the non-custodial parent NO? I had no idea. But at least in the state of Oregon, you can actually say the noncustodial parent NO when. Afterwards with their child support Until they pay for their child support that you have every right to tell them that they are not allowed to see her child. And if the non-custodial parent is behind far enough, you can even call the police and check it to see if there are any warrants from her arrest for failure to pay child support. I have …. but he skipped town fast enough, because. the fact that I had told him no, and the reason why he could not Sun at least consider adding some states already hold this topic hand in hand. You only need to contact your lawyer to find out how your state would ausgelegt.Jetzt this situation for the behavior of your ex, you must ensure that you keep a diary of what behavior (abusive, etc) to him when he comming to see his child. I’m sorry, but if it were only a stranger off the street to say these things, I would call the police .. what makes this any different? So what if you are his ex … that does not give him the right to treat you like dirt. Good luck to you, and I hope this helps!

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