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Posted in Working Mothers on 24th November 2012

Why Most owl tattoos are accompanied by a skull or pocket?
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response from Panda That Girl
These things are traditional (trad) tattoo pictures, like swallows, roses, anchors, hearts with scrolls, the “mother” of all say …… has its traditions and tattoos are no exception. I do not know why the first humans were the two things together, but some artists now prefer trad work to do, to pay homage to the original commercial zahlen.ICH LOVE trad tattoo work. It’s my favorite style of tattooing.

response from igor m
The owl is usually a symbol of wisdom, and in a Christian context may call heresy, as it hunts in the dark, symbolizing the spiritual unexplained or non-Christians. It is with darkness and connects them to Satan, evil, death and superstition. Both the pocket (or hourglass) and the skull for the passing of time and the inevitability of death are. And of course it looks cool. Hope this helps.

response from jackknife barber
I have not seen it coming anyway, however, and I’ve seen a lot of flash come and go. But there is a connection with the mystery of death, and the mystery of space and time. Both are symbolically indicative of wisdom, the hallmark of the owl.

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