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Posted in Toddlers on 24th November 2010

Why isn’t Feinstein in jail for MILCON?
or Jefferson for bribe money in his freezer?
or Hillary for taking illegal campaign contributions (doesn’t matter if she gave it back after she was found out), and now “toddler” contributions?

what the fck is going on?

Best answer(s):

Answer by writersblock2006
I guess since bush and chenney get awaywith their mess…everything is allowed.

Come on…bush stealing the 2000 election.
You have some nerve.

How many billions to republican friends for no bid war contracts?

12 billion CASH disappearing in IRAQ???

No oversight to the billions and billions republicans rubber stamped??

AG Gonzales getting away with his own personal criminal behavior at the justice department?

Answer by Mr. Morden
Exactly what crime do you think Hillary committed? What’s the specific statute and details of the “crime”?

Answer by Barry C
Very simple.

They haven’t been charged with a crime, let alone convicted and sentenced.

Your guys are in charge of the Justice Department, which would be responsible, so maybe you “should look in the mirror” and ask whoever you see there.

Answer by m1a1mikegolf
Because the law only seems to apply to Republicans.

Fienstien has been fined for violating the campaign finance laws after every single one of her elections – personally I think that the prosecuters should start applying the RICO laws.

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