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Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of eyinpcb : Why is universal health care “socialist”, but we accept the idea of a government education system run?
Education from the K-12 grade is for all children, lead by the government at state and local level and paid for by tax money. But I have never heard someone describe it as Sozialist.Wie is a universal health care system differs from? Why is a “socialist” and the other is a staple of the American Werte.Jemand asked for 3 things the government is running efficiently … 1) Options – the odd hiccup in Florida or Ohio’s frustrating, but when you consider that over 60 million people show up throughout the country, make a few marks and these are counted, counted and placed in combination with results from 50 different territories and votes from abroad, reports within 24 hours … this is a huge undertaking and Leistung.2) EEOC – While most people do not the favorite places politically, I have some specific experience with the EEOC and its processes had been fast, fairly painless, and you spot BS pretty schnell.3) Federal- Student Aid – So I paid for my school. I got my money quickly forms are clear and easy to use, and that it might not have enough money atm, you can not argue that it is not efficient to Best Answer.

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, because Obama’s special interest may Auto Union yuppies!

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