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Posted in Child Care on 11th December 2010

Why is teaching children about Hell not considered child abuse??
If a parent told their child, “Do as I say, or I will stab you,” I’m fairly certain everyone would consider that a form of mental child abuse. Now what if that parent said to the child “Do as the Bible says, or God will burn you for eternity in hell.” How is that any different? Christians may say that the second one is simply a warning. But isn’t the first one just a warning from the parent to the child that if the child disobeys he or she will be stabbed. Many Christians have told me, “If you are an atheist and don’t believe in God, why do you even care?” Well what if you didn’t actually believe that parent was going to stab their child? Would it make any difference in the fear that is put into the child’s heart?

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Answer by anarcho the sixth
Because unfortunately, christianity is socially acceptable. It should be considered child abuse though.

Answer by One Eye for Prez!
Because the majority don’t see it as such. I think it is. This is why with my child who may go to church with her mother, I insist on letting the kid know that Hell does not exist.

Answer by John L
It should be along with Christianity until the come of age. Just like any other drug.

Answer by Mary Contrary
Is sex ed and ‘take precautions or you might contract HIV’ abuse as well?

Answer by Little Miss Scare All.
Mary Contrary, HIV is something that we know exists and we know it to be a real threat, Hell on the other hand is purely a christian invention. You cannot compare Hell to HIV!!
There was a case a few years back where a young girl came home to her parents after being at school. She was in some distress and when asked why, she told her parents that a priest had been in her class that day and warned her and her classmates that if they didn’t live their lives by the Lord they would burn for all eternity in A lace called Hell. Her parents were furious at the trauma that their child had been caused and felt that this was in fact a form of trama and abuse. they took the matter to their lawyer and got thousands!!
Like I said, Hell is a Christian invention and should not be a threat to young children.

Answer by bamboo
Maybe because not everyone has the guts to even wonder or question if the teaching of Hell is beneficial and worth it. Openly challenging religious dogma could mean death, in one way or another. At some point, it can really be a form of child abuse, and you know what’s sick? It’s not just the children who are abused with this teaching. Children in grown-up bodies too. No one is spared.

I totally agree with you. Nice question.

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