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Posted in Toddlers on 25th April 2014

Why is my Sim invisible?
Help! My toddler on Sims 3 is invisible. I tried Ctr-Shift-C “resetsim , but it didnt work. I even went back to main menu and tried again. I want my sim to be visible again. Please help.

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Answer by NoName
you need to kill it , eat it and suck iihh

Answer by Leeona
MOD’s, CC’s… If you have some they can mess up the game…

Answer by Katherine
I had this problem just now. It was with an Adult Sim though so I’m not sure if it will work.

But get a mirror that touches the ground, (like Rustic Glass,) and then make your toddler “Change Appearance.” You don’t have to change anything just click the tick.

I did this with my Adult Sim and she came back.

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