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Posted in Child Care on 25th September 2011

Why is my nice caring “boyfriend” weighing me down and making me crazy??
I have been seeing this guy for 2 months. From our first date, I became “his girl” in his eyes. At first i loved all the attention, and i know he is genuine. After a couple of weeks, of seeing each other daily, I needed some space, and told him it was too much. We are both in our late 30s.He talks about the future all the time about how wonderful this Christmas will be, and vacations etc… and he really doesn’t seem to ever live in the moment. He has to tell me everyday how much he loves me, how much he misses me after an hour apart and how beautiful i am over and over every day.He wants to do everything for me.
I tell him lets take it a day at a time, and just relax and enjoy each other. I have children and a home and a life, that keeps me busy. I want him in my life but not my whole life yet He just says he knows we will be together forever and talks about marriage and the future all the time. I don’t know why it just weighs me down. Tried to tell him to take it slow with no changes
Also he does have a great job. He is really cute. I don’t why he just seems so needy to me. He just seems like he has no life other than wanting to be with me. When I tell him things I have done with the kids etc,, instead of being genuinely happy, he feels left out and says I wish I were there like all the time. Is there anything wrong with me wanting to take things gradually?

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Answer by Bella B
if telling him doesn’t work then show him. go on day trips without him, and make arrangements with other people. regain your own space and identity and tell him clearly but kindly that you are doing that in order to save the wonderful relationship you have.

Answer by Wonder
*sigh* guys can sometimes be stubborn (lol thats an nderstatement). and they cant take clues so you just have to repeat yourself until you are heard and understood. Make your point clear, and whenevr you find him suffocationg you again, just remind him that hes doing it again. it might require patience, but eventually the message should get through:)

Answer by Let me GO
My bf did the same….I had to break it off because were at two different stages in our life right now. He want marriage and proposed and wanting to be the nice person I accepted but then I realized I didnt want what he wanted and realized i was wasting my time and his and I loved him but I had to let him go so he can find the RIGHT girl for him. So if you dont want what he wants let him go.

Answer by manish_nsit1
ya guess u r dumb :p

Answer by ♥♥csigirl♥♥
Maybe hes making u crazy because he loves u so SO much!! And he wants to spend the rest of his life with u that’s y he keeps telling u that!!

Answer by chick magnet
no i dont think so

Answer by Tracy B
no,but you sure enjoy it,because if you keep pushing him away he might not come back to you.

Answer by Cinnamon
Ever heard the saying You can have what you want but you can’t have it all? He is in love, your not…Your job should be raising your kids..They don’t need men in and out of there life. Time to send him on his way…Nicely of course…

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