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Posted in Working Mothers on 13th December 2010

Why is it some go through life without ever encountering any misfortune or upset ?
Others have to cope with one calamity after another. I for one am one of these. Not inconsequential but big problems… a son who has a major mental illness diagnosed in 1992, a partner who has type 1 diabetes, custody of 3 grandchildren who were abandoned by their “mother” nine years ago, serious head trauma to 2 of my sons(June 2006 & Dec. 06) who were attacked on two seperate occasions by unknown assailents through no fault of their own, all this leaving me to look after 8 people all of the time so am unable to “work” and as “retirement” approaches I will have no pension and what little savings I had is gone…circumstances has precluded me from “working” since 1992, and the list goes on and on.
I sometimes think that I must have been very “bad” in a “past life” because I certainly haven’t had time to be in this one. What do you think?
My wife asked this question only as a curiosity. Some answers have “shown her the truth”. People want and take from thoes that give without question.

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Answer by Bungle
You like to think that.
We all have crap I could tell you a string of life’s sob stories but I won’t because I move on and do not keep mental records of who and dates so I can go woe is me “back in ’92 and then….”.
Who ever said this side of Armageddon that we would have it all easy. Nobody does not even rich and famous.
A lot of our troubles are because we are our own worst enemies.

Answer by kingstubborn
Some of it is luck, some of it is bad genetics, and sometimes it is consequences of one’s actions. Why? It just it is.

Answer by pianokid510
nobody is exempt . you probably just think they havent been through hard times .

Answer by Kacky
There was a time in my life when I had to step back and examine why bad things kept happening to me one after the other. Some of it is unavoidable, but some happened because I married badly despite warnings, gave too much to unreliable people, or allowed myself to become distracted or impulsive, leading to poverty which put me in bad neighborhoods where more bad things would happen.

Some people are more careful, and that does minimize the number of calamities. A lot happened to me that was just fate, but a lot happened that could have been prevented if I had been more patient.

Answer by Mr. Sir
You might have great misfortunes on earth, but you a spot reserved upstairs. We need more caring people like you. Thank you very much.

Answer by Madame M
You’ve had bad luck, but if you think back, haven’t you had good luck, too?

Anyone who says they have gone through life without misfortune or upset is either doing a great cover-up job, or they have a very selective memory.

You sound like you need help, though. Is there a counsellor or therapy group that can help you work through this? With so many people to look after, you surely need help getting all the help you need from government programs. At the very least, the grandchildren should be able to help in little ways.

You could walk away from all this, but you don’t. That suggests to me that you are a very good, giving person. Try not to blame yourself; it’s just bad luck, and all you can do is keep trying to turn it around.

Good luck!

Answer by Midge
What we percieve, as individuals, tells us whether we have achieved ‘fortune’ or ‘misfortune’. Those who can go through life, believing that life is ‘good’ are correct; so too, are those who think life is ‘bad’. Life is what we believe it to be, on an individual level.

Answer by BigErrn
My grandfather is 96 years old. Of his three children, two have died from cancer. His first wife (the biological mother of his children) also died from cancer. His granddaughter is having brain surgury tomorrow because of a tumor and my grandmother (his wife now) is suffering from five broken ribs and will never be the same because of an accident at the grocery store in which the door closed on her and knocked her into the candy machines. I have never met a more content man in my life. He is always in a good mood and joking even though he has every reason in the world to be upset. I think that is why he has lived so long and is healthy.

Answer by Bob T
You are not alone in facing hard times. Everyone does. You are not being punished for a past life.
You have two choices in response to hard times, turn towards God or turn away from Him.

Answer by wayne_rudall
Child abuse : bi-polar (massive swings , never really up) : diverticulitis : epilepsy :schizophrenia (a bit): wife died after seven years of incredible pain while I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, even my parents and family (and by the way gambling $ 500 to the sports clubs – you do that if you love someone, you actually encourage such things) – an Unequivocally caring nature often abused. Abandonment : I’m sixty and I write and paint despite Parkinson’s disease but I still enjoy the sunrise and I think of mothers in the Sudan seeing their children slaughtered or starved. I am most fortunate among mortals. I missed Christmas to make my family notice that someone was missing (I’m still devious = mad but not stupid) that worked, they’ve all 4 come back to me more. Do what you can. Ignore what you can’t do. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!


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