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Posted in Child Support on 23rd August 2012

Why is it assumed that fathers want custody in order to avoid paying child support?
I came across this claim, again, in a recently posted question:

“My ex-husband and I have one daughter together and he is fighting for custody so he doesn’t have to pay child support.”

Any attorney representing a father would have told him that according to the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, less than 15% of non-custodial mothers are ordered to pay child support, of which only 5% ever pay it.

Just who will be providing for the support of the child while in the custody of the father? Further, up to 10% of custodial fathers are still ordered to pay child support. Only custodial mothers are guaranteed a child support order, so wouldn’t that say that mothers are the ones wanting custody because they get child support?

I know this will raise some hackles, but the facts are the facts. Personal, I go for no child support paid to either parent and the children getting joint physical custody of the parents.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Shadow
For me, it’s more than just child support. It has to do with the time they get with me, the control I get and the like. I want to raise my kids. Not my ex-wife and her dip of a husband.

Answer by The Fat Man
I kept the kids and declined support from her but it wasn’t to avoid paying.
You’re right.
It takes two and they both have to put up 100%, 100% of the time.

Answer by mommy & wife
I agree with you. I don’t think fathers get a fair deal when it comes to most child custody cases. Sure, there are dead beat dads out there…but there are a lot of dead beat moms, too. For some reason, nobody ever wants to talk about them.

Answer by rpetch007
some men do just that i am sorry ..

Answer by happy 1
it’s sad and there are deadbeat moms out there.

Answer by ouragon
Just because you know that doesn’t mean some men with bad motives do. When a man has had no interaction with the child, a CS issue is filed and suddenly he files for custody, it’s pretty obvious what his motives are.

You don’t hesitate to call out evil moms. Don’t be blind to dads who have evil motives.

Answer by emmys momma
I like your way of thinking!! It is kind of old-fashioned isn’t it to think that it is up to the father to support the child. Women / mothers work also and sometimes they make more than the men/fathers.

Answer by jumpinjupiter69
The way I see it….most guys that have to pay support, get raked over the coals…..drastically. If there were a reasonable amount being paid, and not an amount putting the father in dire straights, things would be better.

I currently have custody of my son, and the mother pays nothing. BUT, if she were to get the child in custody, there is no doubt I would have to file for bankruptcy. You tell me.

Answer by Lela A
Been a single parent for over 11 years now..I have financially paid out far more monies over the last 11 years than I ever recieved in child support..I made much less than the other party but still did more for my children in a the long run..custodial parents pay much higher amount of taking care of the children than those who pay child support..end of discussion. One has to add up, housing costs..heating..ac..transportation..food..clothing..medical..school supplies..special events..educational..basically children are very expensive to raise today..child support only covers a percentage of actually cost.

Answer by curiouss100
Historically custody has been given to the mother unless the father made a strong case for custody. Your question appears to assume that this is a larger belief than it may be. A single case does not a trend make.

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