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Posted in Child Care on 1st October 2012

Why is Endless Discoveries in Saginaw Texas so bad for kids?
I just have to post this question so parents who try and search this “daycare” on the web will hear a parents side of the story. I removed my child after only 4 months of “care” there. They LIED to my face SEVERAL times about the care my child was recieving. I paid good money for my child to go there and they ran the place by filling as many slots as they could and only had one teacher to every 15 children who btw were only 3!!! Is that right when you are paying much higher than the average price for child care? I know they never harmed him. But they never “cared” was I right to pull him out? Tell me if I’m an over protective mother or was I right. Even when I watched the cameras all the kids would be running around and the teacher would just be sitting there “doing paperwork”.
well lets just say that I was paying just under what the elite schools in my area charge. and the policy is that each classroom have a teacher and an assistant. Whenever I went to pick my child up there was only one person. I saw numerous times my child crying in a courner. He/She never cries at home unless in trouble. WHen a child was introuble at endless they were supposed to put him on a stool, not let him cry in a corner.

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Answer by That Gay Guy for Da Ben Dan
Well, they’re 3, they are supposed to run and/or play. And the teacher has to get the work done some time! Granted they should be paying a bit more attention, but this is understandable. 1:15 isn’t really that bad, think about it–many kindergartens and elementary schools have 1 teacher per 25 or 30 kids! It’s not bad. You do sound a bit overprotective.

EDIT: And what did they lie to you about?

Answer by tmda
Definitely. If you feel your child wasn’t getting the care they deserve, pull them out. Better safe than sorry.

Answer by RobinGD
Yeah you’re being overprotective. If he was having fun and not being harmed, then what was the deal? What did they lie about? Kids run around. That’s what they do.

Answer by femmenoire@sbcglobal.net
I live in texas and I am an educator. Many of those facilites do not have personnel that has experience with early childhood development. Many daycare owners are people who just want to run a day care service and were able to get a small business loan and federal funding for such a facility.
A lot of “teachers” at daycare are teachers who are unable to pass the state certification exam and this is the only place they can go.
Many dont have firsthand knowledge about early childhood development/education and unfortunately the follow up on these sort of facilites is very lax.
Here is a link to tell you what the minimum requirements are. When placing your child at the next facility, ask what kind of curriculum they have for early childhood, ask specifically about curriculum activities and schedule of activities.
Ask about the education levels and experience of the staff. Be wary of anyone who is offended by the question, refuses to answer the question or is evasive with their answers.
Hope this helps you in finding another facility that meets your needs and the needs of your child

Answer by playsteinway
I think you just answered your own question as to why they are a bad center. You also solved your own problem by removing your son.

Answer by Trying2BNice
They’re not all that bad, are they?

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