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Posted in Child Support on 28th April 2014

Why is Child Support one sided, in favor of Parasitic Women?
Why is Child Support against the Man? Why can’t both Parents contribute money to raise the Child, not just the Man? Why can’t both Parents have equal time with the kids, not just the Mother? Why is a Lawyer provided for the Mother by the State and not to the Dad, who has to go out and hire and Attorney, which is always expensive? The Attorney General says that there in this Child Support Industry only for the best interest of the Child, then why don’t they enforce visitation? They will tell you that you have to go out and attempt to visit your kids, with a witness holding some recording device, Video Camera or camera, audio recorder, something like that, but no one with any common sense will help, because they know that the Woman will pick up the telephone and go into the innocent act, saying that her Ex and His Friend are threatening her and they both end up arrested. They say nothing to the the Woman, just have fun with his money. Women lie all of the time, because they know that they can get away with it. But shouldn’t visitation be enforced, that’s if “The best interest of the Child is really at the Heart of Child Support”? Child Support is the easy way out for many lazy Women, they get pregnant by five or six different Men and file five different cases and live off of the Child Support Checks tax free. I know that some Lady will comment with some solution, but she had a normal up bringing, with both Parents, with good morals, these predators don’t know their own Daddy, Grand Daddy, their Mothers don’t know their own Daddy or Grand Daddy. Ladies, be fair to men, this is not about the Women that’s doing the right thing, there are only a few of you out there that are doing the right thing. There are a lot of good men taken advantage of by these Parasitic Women, crying dead beat dad, its all Propaganda. Men don’t need to be forced to take care of their Kids, but when financially crippled by the Child Support System, its nearly impossible to have a normal relationship with their kids.

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Answer by Kuyen
You had best go see a Heart doctor

Answer by Pearl
Why not make your marriage work, and save yourself all the drama.

Answer by jimmy_isac
Your question is apt and true. A number of dads ask the same question. I believe India is the only county does not have any laws in this connection.In other countries, the lawyers and the judges have always a view point that for the “best interest of the child”. Here, they simply handing over the kids to the mother.Women always demanding their children, put in practice, they may not be able to support them without the help of a man. It is true, children are there, only in the parent ship of mother, but definitely they will be lacking something, and that will reflect in their future life also. I am planning to move a suit in the high court being a victim of the same. Apart from the above women files fake suits also against men in this connection using under section 498a of the Indian Penal Code.So far, en number of petitions are before the Parliament of misusing of sec.498a. In order to get your question is to be answered, the court has to interpret the clauses in that law. I think a group of desperate dads can move a petition to a high court. Till that time, this will continue. And the sufferers will be the children.

Answer by Antst
You know what? Your situation may be unfair to you. I don’t know.

But because of your rant, I have no sympathy for you. It is crazy and unreasonable and immature to generalize about an entire group of people because of your personal experience. Frankly, if I were the judge in your case, I would award custody to your ex because you sound unhinged.

I don’t know where you live, but in most English-speaking countries, it is possible to get cheap or free legal advice from organizations like the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Go to your local courthouse and ask about free/cheap advice.

The reality is that divorce is hard on everyone. When people split up, instead of paying for just one household, they need to pay for two. They each need to provide furniture and other things for the kids. This is a lot more expensive than sharing expenses. So stop blaming your ex. You obviously played a part in your relationship break-down too. And now it is more expensive for both you and your ex to run two households AND have someone look after the kids.

Also, someone needs to take care of the child. That is a job. Child support is NOT a gift for the person with custody… It is for the kids. In most cases, the person who gives up a career to raise children is the woman. When this person returns to the workforce, she/he gets paid less because of lacking experience. The person who has stayed home with the kids before the break-up usually gets more custody after the break-up. This is not because of “fairness” to the adults, it is because it is best for the kids for things to change as little as possible after the divorce.

You need to calm down and face up to your responsibilities. You got divorced and now you need to support your kids.

Answer by lolly
I don’t agree with all of the woman hating you are doing.

However, I completely agree that parents should share 50% custody and financial arrangements.
I think it is disgusting how some women treat man, take off with children and never let the poor kids see their father. It is rude, it is selfish and it happens far too often. However, here in Australia, I feel this is becoming more obvious, and judges are beginning to see the importance of children being with both of their parents.

Answer by becky w
dead beat mothers get child support, pop out more babies with other men and roll in the cash. It’s a personal experience, my husbands ex is doing that right now and these poor men have no idea what is happening to them . she has no job, but is first in line at the welfare and child support office. It’s sad, I belive that laws should be changed just for those reasons.

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