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Posted in Working Mothers on 18th May 2013

Why I want to be a mother so badly?
I’m only seventeen years old and not yet ready, a mother at all. I have never liked children themselves, nor did I want any. But in recent months, I have this extreme desire to be a mother. I dream about a child. I think about it constantly. I beg to feel it in me and keep it and nurture it. I just want a baby. Is it hormones? I can not figure out why I suddenly want children, and with such a burning passion Best Answer (s):.

reply by Ashley
Because you do not value your sleep and ready to give you the freedom that you have not experienced yet. Seriously, have a baby, that it over and get it out of your system for at least 5 years. Make something of yourself before you have children, you have to offer them something. The girls are not pregnant at sixteen and very cool if you ask me. And I’m willing to bet that to a certain degree, when they could have waited, but had the same children later in life, she would definitely be back!

response from Kerry have
Hiya, I really do not know if this is hormones or what. I had a baby at 16 and it was very difficult to go in order. I had to all my friends, while we are parting out etc.. I would not have changed it for the world, do not get me wrong though .. I had to take care of a little baby and all my love. If I were you, I would wait for Mr. Right to come along and then share that with him, it’s the most beautiful thing you will ever imagine being. Btw: I’m not up to this program, 16 and pregnant cracked either lol. I wish you all the best whatever you decide. xx

response from Billygoat
maybe your calling as a nurse

answer by Ramon C.
First of all let a mother to be “bad.” Now that this passion is genetic and it is how Mother Nature ensures the survival of the species. Our genetic code has been perfected over the course of the last two million years the human species known or initial life. Such as gravity and magnetism, this is a fundamental force of nature. Human culture has added more symbols because of commercial interests in relation to sex and sexual activity. Do this. Go to your make-up area, maybe the bathroom. Take inventory of all the products you use every day for care. From shampoo to toe nail polishes. Make a list. On average, a woman has about 15 titles. Continue with mechanical devices of hair dryer to jewelry to hairstyle support. If you have a tattoo or more, include those. Then go with a dress, shoes, accessories, perfumes, etc. The list is to be very extensive. And this key is, most of them have nothing cute or handsome to do with health but with Being. Why? To look attractive to the opposite sex. Except for the girl with skin problems, more girls do not do. Thus, the basic motivation of sex is hidden. The next cultural pressure is the fear or competition. The short, everything, exposure of maximum skin all over the body to include the latest fad of “bikini” either shave fairly under wear parts, the pin, the outlines or exposed body genitals, shaving or changing of female hair or what Anyway, so this is all for sex and sex is for procreation. At times, jealousy, consciously or sub consciously, as a friend, family, neighbors, celebrity, etc. a pregnancy or a child, moves in our heads. It happens to men as well as for various reasons, but it happens. Do this. Imagine the consequences of having a child. Today all stop what you are doing every two hours, day and night, and do nothing for 20 minutes for the whole weekend. This has a baby in the first six months. While emotions can trump logic, it is logical and information and future planning that will help change this motherly feeling. Keep busy and looking forward to college or technical training or vocational training for the career you want. If it’s a friend, stop. Consider the basic reasons why you have one. I advised last night two 14 year old kids having sex and a broken condom, the boy was concerned, the girl could be pregnant. That is, Mother Nature, influencing children with zero discipline and control and knowledge of human sexual reproduction. Many girls get pregnant because Mother Nature makes them curious and horny at the peak of fertility. All genetic, hormonal and natural. It is our logic, knowledge, discipline, and focus on the future, which can be changed. Do not fight this feeling. Only change. They say yes, motherhood is good, but not now, but later in his twenties. You can approach high school. Times of change can be stressful and anxious. Do not be afraid. Embrace the challenges. One last thing. Children carry a bill of about $ 100,000 dollars in today’s dollar value of the medical care pregnancy through high school. You can now afford to even feed yourself? I wanted for two people. After college, with an income. I’ve done. It worked perfectly. It was not easy. But I did it. My daughter did the same. It worked. The road to success has many forks and potholes that need to be managed. I know you can do this too. Best of luck in life.

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