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Posted in Child Care on 19th February 2012

Why has my daddy day care gone horribly wrong?
Inspired by the Eddie Murphy comedy of the same name, I decided to open my very own “Daddy Day Care”, as it were. Things had been going super well for the past 5 years. The children love me, as I try to teach life lessons in a safe, welcoming environment. We had a perfect system going, or so I thought…

On occasion (3-5 times a week), I would go out for a couple of hours during the day and get some “me” time. I would delegate responsibilities to the older children (eight years and up) to watch after the younger ones. This worked well because the children were eager to take on the responsibilitues; they performed their tasks dutifully in exchange that they would not tell their parents. But recently the oldest girl (10 years old) burnt herself cooking lunch for everybody. This is no minor burn either, as my stove is a piece of crap. I told her to keep her face turned away while cooking; she didn’t listen. It was soon revealed to her parents what happened, and I lost my liscense, my business, and basically my entire life.

Not only that, I have several law suits coming my way that, if I lose, will surely ruin me. What can I do to prove to everybody that I’m actually a highly responsbile, competent individual deserving of having the kids that mean so much to me back?

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Answer by Danielle
No offence but I think you were irresponsible to leave a 10 year old to care for the little ones. If you wanted ‘me” time you should do it at night or on weekends!

I can understand it must be hard, but come on, you must know you were stupid! This is your mistake!

You will probaly lose in court because you don’t have an alliby. So just take your punishment and deal with it!

A Daddy Day CAre is not for you!

Answer by Elbridge
The only way to earn the respect of everyone back is to take the children, and raise them for a few years without anyone knowing. When you return, everyone will love you again.

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