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Posted in Child Care on 15th March 2012

Why has my daddy day care gone horribly wrong?
Inspired by the Eddie Murphy comedy of the same name, I decided to open my very own “Daddy Day Care”, as it were. Things had been going super well for the past 5 years. The children love me, as I try to teach life lessons in a safe, welcoming environment. We had a perfect system going, or so I thought…

On occasion (3-5 times a week), I would go out for a couple of hours during the day and get some “me” time. I would delegate responsibilities to the older children (eight years and up) to watch after the younger ones. This worked well because the children were eager to take on the responsibilitues; they performed their tasks dutifully in exchange that they would not tell their parents. But recently the oldest girl (10 years old) burnt herself cooking lunch for everybody. This is no minor burn either, as my stove is a piece of crap. I told her to keep her face turned away while cooking; she didn’t listen. It was soon revealed to her parents what happened, and I lost my liscense, my business, and basically my entire life.

Not only that, I have several law suits coming my way that, if I lose, will surely ruin me. What can I do to prove to everybody that I’m actually a highly responsbile, competent individual deserving of having the kids that mean so much to me back?

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Answer by LauraLee
You could have been more creative TROLL

Answer by I Love my Baby Girl
i really really really hope this is for fun, because you must be the bigest idiot in the world to let 8 or 10 year olds “watch the younger ones” you must be smoking crack. If this is real, get some help and stop coplaining about “losing everything” cause you should be in jail!!!! i hope they take everything you have, and have to work a mcdonalds. lol

Answer by eli’s mommy….(rosie)

Answer by Rydergirl1984
Wow…I hope this is a joke. If not, you would have criminal charges brought against you.

Answer by Jamie M
1. You NEVER, ever for any circumstances leave the children unattended while you go out. Your ‘me’ time should never be while you are on the clock and parents are depending on you to watch their kids. 10 year olds are not the owners and opperators of the daycare, you are! Leaving children 8 and up alone to watch the rest of the kids with no other adult around is just plain negligent.

2. What the hell are you doing letting the little girl use the stove? Yeah, 10 year olds may be old enough to use the stove, but never in YOUR house while you are liable for them and everything they do. Why weren’t you the one cooking for them, or why didn’t you have her use the microwave? That was rather irresponsible.

I honestly don’t think that you can win these parents back over. Their kids probably mean the world to them, and they do not want them in a potentially hazardous environment. You can’t prove your actions were okay, because they weren’t. All you can do is learn from it.

Answer by cococremejuju
And that’s why you’re the first and the last, because daddies don’t run no damn daycare!

Answer by Nessa&Gio’s mom
wow thats…wow

Answer by Sweet P
yeah 2 marks. and a troll who is not very creative šŸ™

Answer by Ian’s Mommy (Sam)
I fdon’t know, but I think I might suggest that my husband open his own daddy day care and leave our 21 month old son in charge of the younger…maybe even older kids….for a few hours a day while he gets some much needed shut eye…then he can keep working nights too…I mean…if my 21 month old wants to eat…he should be putting in some work around this place too!

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