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Posted in Babysitting on 3rd January 2011

Why does Yahoo! allow some of these questions?
Someone needs to do better “babysitting” of this site. Why do you think they don’t? I mean, some of these questions are sick.
It’s not the “stupid” questions that are objective, it’s the obscene. Yes, we have freedom of speech, but we still need to consider others feelings.

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Answer by TheBigQuestion
Its really upto the people how they want to use the site, by posting stuff thats pretty much vulgar and useless, they are basically wasting their own time and money.

Answer by mangchi26
Yeah I have questioned that myself why are some questions so dumb, like one that was asked yesterday i viewed ” I eat when I’m hungry, why do I not feel hungry after” lol. It’s common sense. It’s either done by a joke or we really have some people that don’t have a brain.

Yeah should get mods to approve questions lol

Answer by Trillian
It’s called Freedom of Speech which includes the freedom to ask stupid questions.

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