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Posted in Child Support on 11th January 2011

Why does McCain STILL support “no child left behind?”?

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Answer by ken s
Because his buddy ted kennedy came up with the bill.

Answer by JHox
probably because it’s a small first step to ending the teachers union and bringing competition and vouchers to the public school system

Answer by Lev8mysoul
The “No Child Left Behind” idea is a good one. The problem is, you can’t force something like that, then refuse to FUND IT. The major problem with the “no child left behind” thing is that the federal government decided to require it, but the states are being forced to have to carry the brunt of the cost of it, which is putting so much of a strain on the states funding that they just can’t handle it, in most cases, dooming it to failure. That is what needs to change.

Answer by gman9934
Because they have started a program and will keep throwing money at it even if it doesn’t work. They think the name sounds good.

Answer by joe4912004
Because its a government program and democrats never met a government program they didn’t like. Bush and McCain are not Republicans.

Answer by Malibu K
At least he supports and votes for SOMETHING! What has the Big-O said about NCLB, except to condemn it? Answer…. nothing! No alternative, no comprehensive rebuttal.

To answer your question: McCain supports it because it’s better than what we had. Which was an education system in crisis. We’re ranked 30-something in MATH? The U.S.? C’mon… we’re collectively more dumb than 30+ other countries?

You have to start somewhere. It’s easy to oppose everything, or to “maybe have opposed something if I decided to show up to work instead of campaign that day”.

Answer by Me, Too
John McCain supports all of the policies of George W. Bush, and since No Child Left Behind is Bush’s brainchild, McCain is duty bound to support it, lest he lose the Bush Base, the group of Conservatives who say, “My Disastrous Presidential Choice, right or wrong!”

The truth is that No Child Left Behind is a complete failure. The Funding was left behind, so hard-pressed school districts are forced to spend their money on this foolishness. Teachers generally hate it, because they can’t teach in a creative way, but must adhere to set rules and rote lest their students fail the tests that must be administered. Students are given the tests with no regard to their abilities, their differences, their intellects.

This program has gone a long way in causing the huge dropout rates in our high schools, some of them as much as 50%. John McCain’s loyalty to Bush policies is pathetic, because he has generally always opposed Bush throughout his Senatorial years and has made this swift change in attitude only to fulfill his military dreams of presidential glory.

Answer by Vote Barr
his platform is a 3rd Bushy term

Answer by wild-man of Borneo
Why not?
Decode this lyrics ” The greatest love of all”
Luke 9.25,55-56,60
What do you think?

Answer by bisquedog
Because it was thought up by his fellow Republican Bush

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