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Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of Lana Marie : Why did he treat them ?
Today my fiance and I decided to go to the grocery store and a few things, and I was about to go get a shop to a Starbucks. I have done and tried me look so good for him. Then I got our daughter ready to go. Then with all of us ready to go, he begins to scream really loud at me that I do not trust him, and why we must all together in the shop. I was shocked ….. We had discussed the store together before. He usually goes to the store alone anyway (90% of the time). Today I wanted to get out of the house and take it. I see nothing wrong with that. Whenever I want to go to the store or somewhere with him, that he is usually not pick a fight (he usually says: “Why did we all go together) I just do not understand, he thinks I am.” Babysitting “him because I want to go and that I do not trust him. I did not think in my head überhaupt.Ich am also 14 years younger than him. I think he is lucky to have a 23-year-old. I do not think that girls my age would ever find his way. I feel like he thinks he is so much better than me, and I bet he thinks he can someone younger. So, why is he treated me like this? Has he loves ? me any more, it sounds like he hates me Best Answer:

response from Chris from West LA
Why did you marry him? They present themselves in this situation. Believe me, if you can get it got hot younger women. You are not all that because you have children already. Let him go on his own, do not you have a car?

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