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Posted in Child Care on 17th June 2011

Why does a “loving God” sit back and allow children to be abused and killed when he has the power to stop it?
All these people describe their God as such a “loving” and “caring “god” and remember “he sees everything”. What kind of “loving God” sits back and watches children, whom he supposedly loves and cares about, be tortured, molested and killed and does nothing to prevent it, after all he does have the power to stop it in a second. If we did that as humans, we would be arrested and thrown in jail! Please I’m interested in hearing a logical answer.

Best answer(s):

Answer by BrendaWise
What makes you think “God” has that power?

Answer by CRtwenty
Why don’t you go and stop it yourself? You have power too. Don’t rely on God to solve your problems.

Answer by Randy _
God gave us free will – if He controlled us – we would not be free to do as we wanted and make decisions for ourselves.

Answer by noitall
Seeking god is a delusionary activity that leads people to great depths of depravity (child molester waco koresh). Seek good everywhere and god nowhere. Burn the child molesters where ever you spot them. The world will be a better place.

Answer by th!nK
first off men rebelled against God by eating the forbidden fruit(basically saying that I don’t need you anymore) ,so why on earth should God help.
second we have free will now to choose good or evil and it wouldn’t be called “free will” if god intervened in our lifes all the time would it now?!!

Answer by IveL
God gives us all the ability to choose right from wrong, unfortunately he can’t tell us what to do. The people doing this are the ones that are wrong, they’re the ones making the conscious choice to hurt this little angels. I hate reading or hearing about children getting hurt in the most horrible and inhumane ways. The thing that consoles me is knowing they’ll end up in a beautiful place where God will care for them and they’ll never know pain again.

Answer by Avatar
God gave humanity free will for a reason: So we make our own choices and take responsibility for them. Don’t try to turn God into a reprobate using human reasoning, it doesn’t work that way.

Answer by Terry S
God gives people the ability to stop it them self ,But because man has become so evil he not only will not help to stop it ,but glorifies its sickness

Answer by lewis512
God gave us a free will to live out our life from day one. You can choose to love him and go to heaven in the end or serve the devil and go to hell to spend eternity. God wants you to love him out of love for him and what he has to offer not fear. Hurting others is a sin but you have to choose if you want to and go to hell or be good. God could stop all sin. But we would have no say in how we live.

Answer by xoxo
I agree with you totally, thats why I prefer to think that there is no God all the stories in the bible is just that stories but if there is a GOD all of the things that happen is his way, In the bible all GOD was known for was getting angry and killing. He got upset and murdered millions of innocent people by dwowning them in a flood.

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