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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question by Julie J : Why do we have to ask whether “help” their wives in the home or in child care ?
Most households today consist of a couple who both work outside the home and at the end of the day are tired. Men say “help” it does not really their responsibility as if it were an extra bonus when they do something at home. It’s really the woman Job.Wir need to change our thinking about things. If both persons live in the house, it is the responsibility of the two contribute equally. They rarely, if ever hear a woman claim to “help” her husband in the household. And if you have, would you sincere congratulations from others? As for child care to hear, I’ve heard some men say they are “babysitting the children,” if your wife is not home. Have you ever heard a woman say she is “babysitting the children,” when her husband is not home? Of course not. She is just home with the children. In other words, you do not “babysit” your own children. You “babysit” Other People’s Kids.Stattdessen we should ask whether the household chores are evenly divided instead when the man “helps” Best Answer:

reply by Joey K
Because it is the work of women.

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