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Posted in Child Care on 28th August 2012

Why do us girls have it so hard?
Girls seem to have it WAY harder than guys. We have to put up with….

hair care
“down there” parts
giving birth
consequences of sex
nail care
wear uncomfy bras and stuff
child care
bikini lines

and pretty much anything else you girls can think of! It’s not fair! Guys have it soooooo easy! Why do WE have it so hard?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Thuper Duper
Because we can handle it. I’d like to see a guy even TRY to go through the things we do.

Answer by 卍 Heil Buddha 卍
The only reason you say women have to put up with all of that is because you think you have to.

Answer by Bella
it depends on your beliefs like if u believe ii the bible it say that its because eve at from a forbidden tree but it really depends on ur believes

Answer by Lexxie A
periods-I fail to see the negative.
PMS- Cramps suck, that I agree on.
pimples- men get them too, statistically they get them worse
hair care- I do nothing to my hair that my bf doesnt do
“down there” parts- vagina? vulva? I love mine, nothing wrong with them.
giving birth- optional. Painful but rewarding.
consequences of sex- This I agree on.
nail care-…what? Your nails don’t need “care”
wear uncomfy bras and stuff- You can dress however you want!
purses- I dont carry one…you don’t have to carry one either.
child care- should be a good thing. And any good man relates to this too.
waxing- I don’t wax…who told you that you have to wax?
bikini lines- men have pubic hair too.
bikinis- You don’t ever have to wear a bikini, EVER. Unless you want to. Entirely optional.

Answer by Rose
guys have tons too, we dont know about it all

dealing with girls PMS
hair care
“down there” parts
kidney stones
consequences of sex
child care
they have to be strong
can never cry,
and soooo much more

Answer by Zach F
The straight guys have to deal with all that too. We end up paying for it in more ways than one. Maybe it doesn’t even out in all cases but we have to deal with that too plus our own problems.

Answer by ladykenmax
Guys have problems also. They don’t go around broadcasting it to the world like girls do! They know it is no body’s business but theirs and the doctors. We don’t have it so hard like some people think. It is the way you view life and how to use it to become a better person and to be successful at it. Successful being a mom, wife all the way to a corporate executive or anything in between.

Answer by Genni
Not all of these things are necessary and not all of these apply just to women. Periods and childbirth are really the only difference that we have. That and bras but who cares about those?

We have it better than they do, because our balls aren’t on the outside. ^.~

Answer by Jaa`y
back wen God created adam and eve,
eve decided to sin,
so God made her childbirth painful and all the extra shit…

ii hate being a girl sometimes =(


Answer by hello 🙂
I always say the same thing when im on my period. lol. But i agree with the first answer, guys cant handle the things we go through no matter how tough they think they are.

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