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Posted in Child Care on 12th January 2011

Why do the celebrities on here ask the most broad questions possible?
“What can you do to save a child’s life?” Thanks Lucy Liu for the wonderful question….
Yes these questions are concerning some important issues, but why so vague and open? And are they just trying to promote their image by asking questions like these so we can associate them with a loving concern for major issues in America and around the world? I guess this is an easy way for them to “show they care.” You’ll never catch a celebrity on here asking little, everyday questions like the rest of us. But why? I believe it’s all about image, but am I wrong?

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Answer by sheree

Answer by DJ
Actresses, actors, anyone famous, minus athletes, seem to think because they are in the spotlight, they can ask anything and seem to come off as some kind of a hero. Im sure by the time im done answering this, Janeane Garafallo will ask us all, “How do we fight war?”…Just another day in the lofty spotlights of hollywood.

Answer by marklemoore
And why is it always about the kids? Is that their way of saying that once you’ve reached 18, then you don’t matter anymore?

Hey, kids, don’t grow up because once you do you’re worthless.

Answer by rdappa
A celebrities’ point of view is an immature version of our own. They start by asking broad questions and then go on to the next topic. It’s kind of like their careers. Most start in simple and broad commercials and then go to speciality roles. Except celebrities are the advertisement of the issue. They just cash the check and go on to the next issue. Never using the money for the cause, just get paid for advertisement of the issue.

Answer by TiGeR
Being a celebrity is all about image, so I would say that you are completely right. Also, could you imagine if Lucy Liu had asked something like “What can you do to save a child’s life-OMG, I think my little one is choking!!!”
It would be all over the tabloids quicker than Paris Hilton!

Answer by arn
I don’t care to much about them, if they really mean when they asked it, I appreaciate that. But no matter what their motivation, as long as they done something to make world’s better, I will still appreciate them. It is better when you done something good although with wrong motivation then you just talking loud but no action at all.

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