HomeWorking MothersWhy do some guys say “if you want to see what she will look like in 10 years look at her mother”? Its not true?
Posted in Working Mothers on 12th December 2010

Why do some guys say “if you want to see what she will look like in 10 years look at her mother”? Its not true?
For example my mom is a drinker, a smoker, doesn’t care what she looks like and doesn’t take care of herself reallly. Thats just who she is as a person, and who she always will be. Shes not very girlly. and thats fine because its who she is.

I work out, I don’t smoke or drink. I wear makeup and take care of myself. I am very much into feminine things and looking good.

My mother and I don’t look anything allike, and it really bugs me when people say that ignorant comment ESPECIALLY when they say it degrading me or my mother.

No offense to my mother, she is who she is, thats fine, but I will NOT or EVER look like her.

So why do they say this?
also, i feel as if men are looking at my mother like, oh god, i hope she doesn’t look like her.

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Answer by ♪Mz Anonymous ♪ (backup account)
Thats not true at all.

My mom is 40 and I’m 20, and we both look the same age! Everyone thinks we are sisters

Answer by Henrietta
Actually, most girls look more like their grandmother, since that is how chromosomes seem to behave.

Answer by Socialist Latino
When people say this it’s with the assumption that the mom and the daughter also have the same habits in terms of eating and exercise. Otherwise ofcourse they’re gonna look different if one takes care of herself and the other is a total slob.

Answer by fourthlinectr
You got a boyfriend?

Answer by Apple
thats why i don’t walk down the street with my mom lol….

Answer by camibaby
this is not true…
i look so much different
then my mom.

i look like my dad…

it all depends on how strong
your jeans are

Answer by Mrs.Happy
Totally not true! Sometimes they can look like their father! yikes!

Answer by Britney Lynn =]
I don’t really think it is true.
The genetic traits you get from your parent as already showing now.
What a person looks like in 10 years, all depends on how they treat their body!
And you say that you take care of yourself, then you won’t be the same as your mother.
She has already gave you the traits she has,
and those traits don’t include how you take care of yourself.
There’s not a place in your DNA that says your going to be your mother.
you’ll have probably some of the same physical features as her,
like you may have the same nose, or eyes.
but you won’t be the same as her.in 10 years.
this statement is a joke, guys who say it don’t know their biology!

Answer by break me of YA
HOORAY for you, keep taking care of yourself and chances are you will hold up all of your life and be one of those women that is hot no matter what age you are.


PS the men that are looking at your mom are probably thinking she’s kind of scary, they probably feel sorry for you.

Answer by catherine i
Hi from France ♫

It is not true !!.. That depends our quality of life etc…

Have a nice day,


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