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Posted in Child Care on 9th April 2012

Why do so many people care about bad people?
Why do so many people care about insulting, hurting, or punishing bad people?

It seems to me that the most major flaw in America right now is our lack of conviction. We have aggressive TSA pat-downs on children, but don’t wanna scope out middle eastern people because *gasp*…they might be “offended”. In WWII we locked up Japanese Americans for goodness sakes! What’s a little profiling hurt?

I’m not denying that certain things can come off insensitive to people, my question is, “Who cares?” Honestly? Who cares if we make an off-color joke about “Bomb bomb bomb Iran” or racially profile…or say Muslims attacked us on 9/11? It was Muslim men on 9/11. Who cares if we say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays?

Who cares? Seriously? A cop punches a guy who is out of control and a threat to other people. WHO CARES?

Why do so many people care about minuscule things about bad people?

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Answer by Daddy Bear
You have to fit the profile to understand.

Answer by ROAR
For a start, many people try to follow what are common religious concepts of loving ones neighbor, not judging etc. I guess that doesn’t fit you so you’re not a christian or such.
I personally understand from my education: Psychology and Sociology that there are many factors that determine a person’s behavior. Children that are mistreated are more likely to mistreat animals and others, Many are taught to be suspicious, unloving, hate full, prejudice,or even vicious toward others.
There are many with mental illness that causes them to behave irrationally etc. Such persons in fact have no choice to behave other than what they perceive as ‘the right way to behave’
My response to these is to prevent them as possible from harming themselves or others and provide ways for them to learn alternative less maladaptive behaviors.
Beating or otherwise mistreating them doesn’t cause them to feel more accepting and loving toward others but MORE hateful!
YES! when these people behave in a manner that harms others, they need to be informed that such behavior isn’t acceptable and passably even confined but NOT in a hateful manner any more than you would a misbehaving child. My concept of the major failing of our society is the lack of MORAL, ( I’m not saying religious) and rational education throughout the culture so people like you would know the answer to your question.

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