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Posted in Working Mothers on 20th April 2013

Why do not people eat people who are already dead?
Yes, I * get * it would be immoral to actually kill a man to get him or her to eat. But why do not more people eat the flesh of the people who have died of natural causes? I do not know how that would eat differently than beef or pork. It’s red meat off an already dead body Best Answer (s):.

response of L We would all be zombies, plus there is hardly any meat on old people

Reply ghostwolf
good it is. looked on by society but speak from a survivalist point of view I would have no problem doing it

Reply by lori blake
I totally get what you say And some cultures do. But we have already so ingrained to believe this is wrong and gross. And it’s kind. You know what I mean? Seriously. Could really eat a hamburger made from your grandmother?

reply by Connie
I think you are sick

Reply Jesko
its yuck.

Reply by Cutie

response from Kiss me Kate
ummm, remember, you never ask sitting cat ….

response from Mr. Ree
I think that is called necro-cannibalism, or so necrophagy etwas.Persönlich cremation should not me, barbecue. 😉 Cannibalism seen as very negative effect for people to participate in most, but not all cultures. People love other people, connected with them, and fear of death. Most people would never embrace cannibalism, except perhaps in extreme and desperate cases, such as on an icy mountain or stranded in the wilderness. Why? Generally people because you want to be “eat someone’s baby / brother / sister / mother.” The lives of those giving them a nice end of life ceremony, like a funeral and burial lost value, it would probably seem a bit irreverent, a from person to person experience of life that has grown and developed learned, reduce, loved, laughed and hated … only one meal, and a bit of an unsavory idea that you wait on this board just waiting to be leftovers. o.oDer success of meat at one point, I think, was that it was a filling source of protein that gather by hunting do you have to increase not for months as a crop or walking all over the place. Well, that’s all you need to do is go to the supermarket to pick up and cook whatever meat you like, but a lot of people would probably be through with the slaughter of a harmless, are adorable shot that they had to work put into operation for lifting a very long time.

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