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Posted in Child Care on 28th November 2010

Why do mothers continue to worry about their children even after they become fully mature?
I understand that mothers care about their children and all, so that’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking, from a psychological or biological or evolutionary perspective, as a child, a human being cannot fend for itself, so it needs a mother’s care in order to survive. However, once a person has reached adulthood, they have all the natural capabilities to survive, so why does a mother’s “care” continue in the same manner, even into adulthood? What evolutionary purpose does it serve?

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Answer by Sandy M
I don’t know that it serves any “evolutionary” purpose, but once you get into the habit of doing something, it’s damned near impossible to stop. Mothers nurture their children from the moment they’re conceived (or the moment they find out they’re pregnant), and continue doing so until the day they die. A child reaching adulthood has nothing to do with it.


Answer by dirtyoldman
you are a parent 24 hours a day for the rest of your life.

Answer by PJ
A mother guards a child for, genetically speaking, purely gene-selfish reasons. If the child survives so do the mother’s genes. The reason for this concern continuing even when the child may defend itself could be two-fold:

1. The manner in which the instinct to protect (emotions such as care and compassion for example) is biologically wired into the mother may not distinguish between a child and a grown adult

2. There may still be evolutionary advantage in helping her adult child ‘get ahead’

Answer by wild-man of Borneo
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Answer by Baseerat
i dont know any Evolutionary purpose.
Mothers care for u more tahn anyone else.Its a fact.
Y u wonder if they care for you even after u become fully mature??I think if u care for a person it does not depend on his maturity only.If u lovea person u Must care for him.Thats y mothers care for u.
On the other hand if ur wife or husband loves u he/she must also care for u.Believe me if they will never do it u will not believe they love you!
i think love always needs to be expressed.Only the ways is diiferent depending upon the relationship.
Think for a while. if u come late at home and u had a severe accident but u survived.and if ur mother dont asks u where u had been till yet, its too late.How u will feel for ur life?
that has just been saved.U will surely think that nobody cares for u. so in my view those who love u always care for u…..
Be happy!

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