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Posted in Child Care on 29th November 2010

Why do mothers continue to worry about their children even after they become fully mature?
I understand that mothers care about their children and all, so that’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking, from a psychological or biological or evolutionary perspective, as a child, a human being cannot fend for itself, so it needs a mother’s care in order to survive. However, once a person has reached adulthood, they have all the natural capabilities to survive, so why does a mother’s “care” continue in the same manner, even into adulthood? What evolutionary purpose does it serve?
Hey people, this is psychology, so I’m not interested in your opinions or sob stories; I’m interested in scientific ideas. Thanks.

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Answer by Sophia Z
2 Words : Maternal Instincts…

Answer by China
It just makes them feel good.At least thats what i think.

Answer by lois d
a mother is a mother no matter how old they are.

Answer by toko40351
maybe it’s an evolutionary glitch. like the brain of a mother is wired to be nurturing to her offspring but isn’t wired to ever stop

Answer by Kevin F
It’s a Parental Thing. Dad’s do it as well, at least I know that I do.


Answer by lisa k
because when you really need someone you need to be able to get that reliable nurturing from some safe place, and if you dont have mommy to go to, you may bottle it up and become a mass murderer or something ………in other words, who knows?

Answer by NY at heart
please…my grandma still thinks i am 4 yrs old…and i am 29, and married! parents still think of their kids as kids, even after they’ve grown. i doubt it has anything to do with science.

Answer by Xinyee
Its very simple,a mum,will always want their son/daughter to be safe,because they are Mum’s precious,unless you tell me that son/daughter is not mum’s own flesh/blood.

Answer by gigi
Not all mothers continue to obsess about their children. Some of us let them go a little at a time realizing that they are growing up and can and have to learn to do things on their own. The mothers that don’t let go do it for themselves not for the child.They need to feel needed. They are the ones that feel like their job is done when the child no longer needs them so they continue as if the child was a baby, or a young person. Some people appreciate this, because then they never have to do anything for themselves, and they like a servant, Some let their mothers do it just to appease them. Some get the guts and make their mothers realize that they are grown up and the mother must find some other past time until the grandchildren come along. Some kids never grow up and really need the parents forever and are lost once the parents are gone. So there is your answer. We are all different people and since not all mothers are like this, I simply explained the ones that are. The other ones are off having fun with life.

Answer by ABBY
This is a good question. I have a 20 year old who moved out at 18 because he did not want to follow our rules. We did not let girls sleep over, did not let him drink, he had to hold down a job…you get the picture. We told him as long as he lives with us he follows the rules, so he moves out. For the past 2 years I dont think I even slept a whole night. My nerves are shot, I worry about him 24/7. He moved out and rented rooms out to other friends and that is how he paid his bills. He did not want to work. Well, as you know with 5 teen agers living together, they had problems or didnt pay rent and so on. 4 of them moved out one by one. So my son had to get a job. Now he works 5 days a week and goes to college part time. He is learning how hard it is to live on your own. GREAT. But the problem I worry about is that he is always getting into something. He and some friends egged a few places in town, busted mail boxes, took road signs, etc. Now these are the things he is getting caught doing. He drives very fast and has got several speeding tickets and he dates girls that he should not date. I could go on and on…… I worry so much that he gets in major trouble or even hurt or killed. My husband also worries, we can not help worrying, he is our only kid. What can we do to not worry? Tell me how a mother stops worrying or loving our kids after they move out on their own????

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