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Posted in Child Support on 13th October 2012

Why do men have to pay child support?
I ask this very question earlier an got yelled at


but its not fair how the men have to pay child support “WHEN A GIR GETS PREGNANT ITS HER FAULT!” an not only that but the girl has the power over men to do what they want to do with the bay, so why should us men ay child support, thats what welfare is for


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Answer by What The…
So, by your logic, the father shouldn’t have to pay, the middle class, already over-taxed people who have nothing at all to do with the situation, and are not responsible one bit, should pay?

No offence to other blacks, but I could have guessed you were black without the aid of the avatar, judging by your logic and reasoning skills.

Answer by Eve
You can post this a thousand times, you’ll never be right. And like What the… said, the people who didn’t even fuck her are the ones that have to pay? Sounds like YOU’VE been silly and not wrapped your willy…deal with it.

Answer by t
I kinda see where you’re coming from. The man has no say in whether or not a woman should keep the baby. However, the man still helped make that child and should help raise him/her. I also think that if the woman is not the primary care giver of the child, then she should pay child support.

Answer by Mary
You are wrong.

It takes two to tango, and the woman is left raising a child that YOU fathered, ALONE, with no HELP, and no financial help, and she is RARELY paid as much as men are for the same jobs.

Yeah. YOU CAUSED the child to happen, so YOU get to help pay for raising the child.

Actually, I’m pretty sure you are trolling, because I can’t imagine, despite the fact that your spelling shows you to have the IQ of a shoe, that you are so stupid that you don’t understand that.

Answer by True dat
Go to the doctor asap, and have your dik chopped off , and then go to a surgeon and have a brain placed in your head.

Answer by Shortie
Unless the man got raped he knew there was a chance by sleeping with a woman she could get pregnant. If you don’t want to pay child support don’t sleep with random people that simple. Because the sex was 50/50 then the man should pay 50/50. Just like she has a choice on whether to have the baby he had the choice to have sex or not!!

Answer by mr dance moves
As a man i would pay my child support if i was in that situation. Its just not right to knock up a girl and then move out and on and not be any part of your sons life. At least you can help out with something.

But here is where differ from women. Sorry to say but if i was a woman i would have more control. Its not 50/50 like people make it seem. I would be the one carrying it, i would be the one caring for it. We can swear up and down and about 50/50 responsibility when the baby is not born. But any mother has a special bond with her child that a father wish they had. So the mother will bear most of the responsibility. Hormones, emotion and maybe i might get depressed after pregnancy.

I have to go through labor and all that and he doesnt? Sorry if i was a woman id be worried more about me than the guy. If something happens where the relationship falls apart all he has to do is pay child support, thats all. Still not fair. Sorry, i would not be thinking 50/50

So to the lady above me who says 50/50. Sorry! its not!

Answer by Cordi
“That’s what welfare is for”

Lemme guess- you voted for Obama? Rhetorical question. I already know the answer.

It’s not the taxpayers’ job to support YOUR child.

Also, let it be said that women pay child support too. It’s just that there are less cases of these because the women are usually the ones awarded primary custody; meaning they house the kid and do the majority of the child-rearing, so the parent not housing the child or doing the majority of the child-rearing has to contribute via child support.

Final note: Please, do America a favor and have a vasectomy.

Answer by King Jingleberries
the man should only have to pay child support under certain conditions. If the woman doesn’t want the man to be able to see the child very often, he shouldn’t have to pay much, and if the man wanted the woman to get an abortion, then he shouldn’t have to pay anything.

Answer by Wind On The Water
I notice you used the term “girls” instead of “women”. Girls should not get pregnant at all. Girls should find a decent husband and get married sometimes after they turn 18 and become an adult. Adult females are called women. Men who get girls pregnant should go to prison.
Women do not get pregnant all by themselves. You need to explain how it is “her fault”. If a guy does not wear a condom don’t you think it is “his problem”.
Was there a father in the home you grew up in?

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