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Posted in Child Support on 13th January 2011

Why do feminists complain about men “financially aborting” their child..?
.. when millions of women have procedures that ACTUALLY abort their child? So I can’t opt out of paying child support and relinquish custody but a woman’s allowed to decide whether or not the child lives or dies? She can decide whether or not the baby actually makes it to this world.. but men have no choice.. Do feminsists get any dumber or are we reached the peak?

<"Men: 1) You KNOW that having sex with a woman could result in a pregnancy even if you use protection. 2) You KNOW that if a woman gets pregnant, she has options, you have none. 3) You KNOW that if the woman keeps the baby, you'll probably have to pay child support.">

Can’t we apply all of that feminist knowledge to a woman getting her second or third abortion? Or in your minds, should women just not be responsible for anything lmao?
felina, what? the state comes down on men because they don’t want more single mother’s to support and feed. but my question gas nothing to do with that..
T. Nielsen, yea because I dislike feminism, that must mean I’m unsuccessful with the opposite sex! Good one, chooey

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Answer by Felina Gato
Feminists don’t complain about it anymore than your average tax payer does. You know this, you’ve said as much on more than one occasion.

It isn’t the goal of feminism to make men enter into relationships they don’t want. The goal is to not have children suffering poverty. As long as we practice neo-liberalism and not socialism it will always be the goal of the state to make each individual pay, whether they want to or not. Feminism has f*ck all to do with it.

And one last thing. Why is it always about the men and the women in these situations? Do you even consider the children?

Answer by T. Nielsen hayden
They don’t. They refer to it by its real name, “failing to pay child support.”

Do you actually have a girlfriend? For you, is this a purely theoretical question?

Answer by Laura K.
That is pretty ridiculous. They just want to see men pay, even if the argument makes them looks stupid and lacking in integrity. I think since I would like to see abortion stay legal, then it’s only fair that fathers should be able to terminate any financial obligations if they choose.

Answer by Spanx for Men!
You are having auditory hallucinations.
Never in all my life have I heard a feminist use the words “”financially aborting” .
I’ve heard lots and lots of other adjectives used in reference to deadbeat dads though.

I refuse to pay for your kid, btw.

Answer by Mary
how many times do i need to explain this? men need to wrap it or face the music women have the choice men don’t so deal with it

Answer by Hayley
how many women have 2 or 3 abortions? in the real world, if you know your child is not going to be aborted then you should as a decent man decide whether you want to be part of that child’s life. and this is the whole point for me – can you knowingly turn your back on a child and run away from responsibility? how would you have liked it if your father bolted? i don’t know where you get 2 or 3 abortions being done per woman. just not reality.

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