HomeChild SupportWhy do divorced people with kids get to use our courts and tax money for child support?!?
Posted in Child Support on 23rd January 2011

Why do divorced people with kids get to use our courts and tax money for child support?!?
What kind of liberal mentality is this? It’s worse than welfare! RESPONSIBLE parents that keep it together don’t get to use tax money or police to collect “child support” so why do divorcers? They’ve cost enough enough already, don’t you think?!

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Answer by ~nicole~
Last I checked, I paid an arm and a leg for my own divorce.

Answer by Morganie III
Friend, respectfully, isn’t it a wiser thing to do to try to help people in these situations and to teach men and women to love and forgive and remain with their families than to whine and complain like this?

Try to make the world a better place one person at a time.

Answer by Im ok now
I don’t use anyone to collect my child support. No police, paid my lawyer for my divorce, spent about 5 minutes or less in the courtroom. And who says just because I am divorced I am not responsible? What an asinine statement.
You sound a little bitter. Someone piss in your wheaties this morning???

Answer by Cecilia M
OK…we paid for our own attorneys, court fees, etc. And my husband pays child support…not the tax payers. Where do you get your information?

Answer by ohmy
my divorce cost me about 3,000 dollars. Um I just wish I knew that before I used my own money

Answer by Wonder Woman
Are you saying that I’m not a RESPONSIBLE parent because I decided that divorce would be better than staying with a cheating husband? Which I paid for.

Are you saying that I’m in the wrong for requiring my children’s father to help support them?

Don’t judge others if you have never been in the same situation!

Answer by Sophiesmom
Like the first answer said I’m paying an arm and two legs for mine. I pay for everything even for paper to be served by law enforcement, nothing is free.

Answer by JustAskin
You are an idiot.

Answer by Jacquelineee
That’s funny last time I check I was paying my own lawyer and the most of the people that I have talked to seems to be doing the same thing, also we would not have to go to court if the father paid on time and the right amount.

Answer by ladysteelersince1976
I can’t speak for everyone, but I do know that most people have to pay for an attorney to get child support. Therefore, they aren’t using tax money to get child support….I bet you have no idea what it is like trying to get support from a deadbeat…..

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