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Posted in Babysitting on 13th January 2011

Why do dads always *babysit* their kids?
It gets on my nerves when I hear women say that their husband is “babysitting”. No he’s not. He’s taking care of his children just like mom does when she takes care of them. I doubt that any man would ever say that their wife is home babysitting.

Babysitting implies taking care of another persons child. Not your own.

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Answer by brcrro
Ha!!! I always wanted to know that myself. Thank you.

Answer by Starfall
Yeah, my husband always says he has to “watch the kids” if I go out for groceries or to class or whatever. Like I’m going out on the town or something and leaving him to schlep them around the house.

Answer by kelstar
Mmm. I agree. Everytime i leave the house, i say “can you watch the kids for me?” i walk away thinking – why do i have to ask? I work part time, i get up to them in the night, i ensure their well being. If i want to go out for 5 minutes down the street i am entittled. Hubby shouldnt feel it is baby sitting the children and that i am solely responsible again upon my return. Especailly Sundays when i want to sit for a few minutes too!

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